How to tell the difference between pulled muscles and broken bones?

My foots bein hurtin sort of bad for a good minute now but today it's like horrible. We did sprints for pt this morning and later on about an hour later a got my boots on took a few steps and bam there's this sharp as hell pain in my foot and it just spread out from there to like half my foot. Been limping all day.

A pulled muscle gives a deep seated, aching pain...whereas broken bones cause a sharp, jagged pain...that is more severe...

How to tell if a broken collarbone is healed?

About four weeks ago, I fell and broke my left collarbone. I don't have any pain in it anymore and I can move my arm up and down again. But, there is like a hard lump that has been there since my collarbone has been broken... Do you think my collarbone is finally healed? I'm 13 years old, btw.

If you are able to lift weight, and bend and the collar bone doesnt hurt anymore...that means the broken collarbone is healed.

How to safely jump out of my window?

I need to jump out of my building from the 2nd floor. On which part of my body should I fall? How to jump? How to minimize damage to myself? Thanks!

Not gunna question why you wouldn't take the steps... chances are you're going to get hurt. But land on your feet into an immediate roll. Look up how parkour people fall. Theres a technique

How to get circulation back in my thumb?

Long story, but basically I spent the whole night with an elastic band too tight round the part of my hand where it meets my thumb, don't ask why.
Anyway, my thumb, mainly the top of it, has been numbish all day, and whenever I touch it or bend it over, I get a pins and needles feeling.
I try to move it and massage it and stuff but it doesn't go away, and its really uncomfortable to do so.
What should I do? Should I wait for it to go away? Help!

you have cut the blood supply of to yur finger which now has caused permanent damage to your finger. all you need to do now if go to your doctor and see what they have to say

How to reduce the swelling after a punch?

So I got punched in the head and theres a huge bump on my head. How do I make it smaller or go away?

Ice the affected area at regular intervals, and try to rest as much as possible :) All the best x

How to help my sprained ankle heal faster?

Ok so last Monday at gymnastics I sprained my ankle. I haven't gone to gymnastics since, but I want to go tomorrow. I tried a couple round offs today and it hurt REALLY bad. How can I help my ankle heal faster? Should I go to gymnastics tomorrow and just tell my coach that all I want to do are round offs and round off back handsprings? Gymnastics is 1 hour long tomorrow so do you think it would make my ankle way worse? Please help!

Well don't go to practice tomorrow... your just going to make it worse. The best you can do is elevate your ankle, alternate ice and heat on it and don't put any pressure on it. You should def' go see a doctor about it though.

How to reduce swelling from cut on chin?

I have a small cut on my chin and it has swollen up. I understand that this could be an infection and that if it continues for a while or gets too much bigger I should see a doctor. Until then what can I do to reduce swelling?

use detol

How to prevent cramps during field hockey?

I play intense field hockey and I often get cramps in my hamstring area (thighs) and calves. Is there any clothing (such as SKINS or something) that will stop cramps from forming while I run.

Thanks in advance.

Don't eat right before. Don't start running without any sort of warm up. Not that I know of... Just follow the two tips above.

How to know if you fractured your tail bone?

1 week ago, i hit my coccyx on a metal edge. The pain is awful and i cant sit for long periods of time, stand up, lay flat on my back and go to the bathroom without going through hell

The only real way to know is to have an x-ray, even a doctor can't tell just by examining you.

How to give a doctor a good excuse for breaking your arm on purpose?

Okay. I think I just broke my arm. I wanted to so I fell and I landed wrist first so my wrist bent back too far. I heard a loud POP. Now I'm scared cause what if the doctor knows I did it on purpose. And btw After the fall it didn't pop so I forced my wrist to break. Please don't say like why did you do that or you get that for doing that and stuff.

See the doctor! Do not worry, if you don't tell the doctor, the doctor will not know. Because, think about it, you purposely fell and broke your arm/wrist. You can just tell the doctor you accidently fell, and tell him all the same things that happened when you purposely broke your arm/wrist. He will not know. I hope you are ok, and you don't do things like that again, because it is never fun getting hurt. Good Luck! :)

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