How to kill stomach virus germs on an xbox controller and laptop?

I came home today and my little brother (who has the stomach flu) was playing on my xbox and laptop. How do I kill the germs? I know only bleach works, but how would i use bleach on these Items? Anyway, thx :/

Not just bleach. Alcohol works as well. On a technical note, the virus will not be "killed" per say, as they are not living things, but they will be inactivated, meaning that they are not infective and will not cause harm. You can take some rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, dampen the cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol, and gently skim the cotton ball over all contact surfaces, re-moistening the ball as necessary, in order to clean it.

How to get rid of a sore throat very quickly?

I have homecoming tomorrow and I am on dance team so I will be performing. We had an outside practice today for a very long time and now my allergies are acting up. My throat really hurts and I have almost totally lost my voice. I have tried drinking tea with honey, cough drops, and taking some allergy medicine. Anything else I can do to try and make me feel less sick tomorrow? Thanks!

You could try gurgling salt mixed with water(not too much salt!). Do that a couple times. I do it whenever I have a sore throat.

How to treat whats left of my pilonidal cyst?

I have a pilonidal cyst that has minimized in size over time. There is no discomfort at all, however, i do still feel that it's there if i am doing exercises. At this point my doctor says it's no problem whatsoever and it won't get infected. However I do wish to get rid of it at this point. Are there any alternatives to surgery such as home remedies or antibiotics ???

.j...k....i, first you need to know, if you do not already, that a pilonidal cyst is an inborn collection of skin with skin sweat glands and hairs in the middle of the back, just above the buttocks crack. Sooner or later, often in teen years, the sweat glands begin to make sweat but do not have a way out from the deep skin. This causes the pilonidal cyst which swells, causes pain, AND EVENTUALLY BURSTS ONTO THE SURFACE. When it bursts or is drained, the cyst gets smaller, BUT the ingrown hairs and skin remain, waiting to repeat the whole cycle again. To completely remove the problem forever, surgical removal is necessary. When my surgeon successfully operated on me, he gave me a local anesthetic so that I was fully awake and we chatted during the operation. It did take weeks for the small crater to fill in, but success was achieved years ago. I was only sorry I waited so long, but I wanted to wait till the end of the spring school year. Good luck! You, too, will eventually be over it and glad to have had it "behind" you.

How does the vomit bug pass and how to prevent?

Okay. So my friend is sleeping over in 4 days and she just got a vomiting bug today and went home from school. Im a germaphobe and have emetaphobia (fear of vomiting) I can't really say that she can't sleepover anymore because she was sick. So I was wondering how long the germ stays with you after you've had it and how to prevent it, also she will be sleeping in the same bed as I have a double bed so how can I prevent getting sick from her. Thanks!

get a dose of anti vomitting like plasil or the generic of metochloporomide .

How to get rid of a sore throat and other common sicknesses really fast?

I'm always sick with: Bieber Fever!!

Okay, but I also have a sore throat now :(
Are there any ways to get rid of a sore throat really fast, and how to not get it?

And are there any ways to not get sick, becuase I always have tests at school, and I can't afford to miss out on them.

A shot of gin or what people call a "hot tottie" Otherwise, eat well and drink warm water, a lot of it

How to fight a cold before it gets bad?

My dad is sick with a flu-type thing. I woke up with a sore throat this morning and i've been feeling tired and dizzy lately...I have a party in 2 days and I don't wanna be sick then. What can I do to make sure it doesn't progress into the flu or get worse before then? Do I need to take any vitamins or anything? I've been looking forward to this party for a month now so please help.
Thank you :)

Vitamin C and Zinc will help. If you take those vitamins and Zicam, with lots of rest and fluids, you should be fine in no time

How to use the teabag method for removing a stye if its on the inside of your eyelid?

My stye is on the inside of my eyelid not on the outside. How do I use the teabag method?

You can't put the teabag on the inside of the eye, but you still can put it right on the outside. It takes a bit longer but it works. The warmth of the teabag is helpful.. Here some information for you:

How to get rid of sore throat quickly?

I woke up this morning and realized i had a slight sore throat. Im going to an event this weekend, and I would hate for this sore throat to get worse by then. Are there any remedies or tips to get rid of this quickly? I hear cayenne pepper is great. Thanks !

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I wake up on occasion with a sore throat and I load up on vitamin C chewable tablets and drink a decent amount of Orange Juice. Try drinking some hot water with lemon juice or ideally, squeeze a half lemon into a tea cup and add some honey. The lemon citrus will alleviate your sore throat and honey will cut the intensity of the lemon. Hope you feel better.

How to remove the toxins and heavy metals from past vaccinations?

Hello i would like to know if i can rid my body from the toxins from past vaccinations, especially Gardasil.

Gardasil does not contain mercury, and it does not contain thimerisol (which is made with mercury), and it does not contain any other heavy metals or other toxins. If you're concerned about toxins, then exercise, don't smoke, drink only in moderation (no more than two drinks), and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Or, you can sit in your room and imagine the nonexistant Gardasil toxins flowing through your body, which is a sign that you may be developing paranoid delusions.

What are some easy tips or steps how to get rid of a sore on tonsil, please 10 easy points?

What are some easy ways to get rid of a sore on my tonsil? What are the tips about how to get rid of it?

this will fix your Soar throat/Possible Strep(white on the back of the throat)/ Tonsillitis(white on tonsils), Post nasal drip (Fix ear issue/pressure Sinus drainage/nose USE A NetI Pot google it ) Strep throat/tonsillitis can be cured with Organic Oil of oregano (from your health store in a dark bottle with an eye dropper) (Must be Wild, guaranteed potent) Take this mix 10-20 drops with 2 ounces of Filtered Water.. Gargle/Let sit in the back of your throat for 6 minutes.. YES 6 minutes.. It takes about 2 minutes once it comes in contact with the bacteria/virus to start killing it.. Do this in the morning Midway and before you go to bed.. give it a day or so and Guess what . you feel better/ cured For this to work you MUST BE HYDRATED.. with water .. not coffee for example reason is the body now needs to flush out the dead virus/bacteria.. it will do this with Sweating or out in your urine.. You want your Urine to be clear as water if possible *don't over do it.

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