How to find out how to go about sponsoring someone to live in Britain?

I have a friend in Lagos, Nigeria. I am wanting to bring him over to the UK to sponsor him for a while until he could get granted a permanent visa should he want to. We want to do this in a way that people will not accuse him of coming here to claim benefits and get a job. I need to know how I get the ball rolling so I can start putting plans in to action, as I don't know who or where I would go to in order to discuss this?

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If you wish to sponsor this man to come to the UK, you must sponsor him either a fiance or a spouse. The only other way he can be sponsored for a UK visa is if he has an employer licensed to employ non-EEA nationals who can prove that despite four weeks extensive advertising not one single resident worker applied for the job. If he manages to get a visa to come here either way, he cannot in any case claim benefits for five years. It is illegal for a non EEA resident to claim benefits unless they have indefinite leave to remain. If your friend wants to remain in the UK permanently you are either going to have to marry him or he must have qualifications and skills that qualify him for a work visa. To qualify for a work visa, he must have a degree and at least three years experience in one of only 90 professions that qualify for a work visa.

How to get American Citizenship through serving in US military?

Hello guys, I am international student in a college in US. I heard that I can get (or apply for) US Citizenship if I serve for US army. I Googled about it, but I got more confused... Can someone explain what is the process of it?

Not quite. A Green Card holder can become a US citizen after 5 years. If a Green Card holder has been a resident for 3 years and has been married to the same US citizen spouse also for 3 years, he can file for naturalization early. Now, a Green Card holder who has served for 1 year in the US Armed Forces can file for naturalization even earlier. However, you are a student, so you are here on a non-immigrant visa. There is no path from a non-immigrant visa to that of a permanent resident. Since you can't become a Green Card holder, you can't join the Army and you can't become a US citizen.

How to migrate to Australia from the US?

I want to migrate from the united states to Australia, but I don't know which Visa I would apply for. The reason being is my friend is coming to the US from Australia, and I've been waiting for an opportunity to get out of the states. I don't have any special skills or anything, but I would like to work and live in Australia. I wish to go to school there, but only after I have worked there for a little bit and saved up a some of cash. Help anyone?

If you are aged between 18 and 30 and are a high school graduate, you will be eligible for a 12 month Work and Holiday visa for which there are no skill requirements. Work and Holiday visa for US citizens If you have qualifications and experience in an occupation on the CSOL, and if you can pass the points test (only some occupations are eligible for points tested visas) or if you have sponsorship by an eligible employer for an employer sponsored visa, you may be able to apply for another work visa towards the end of your W&HV. The CSOL Work visas If you don't meet the requirements for another work visa, you must leave the country unless you apply for a Student visa. You should be aware that there is no way you will be able to earn enough during the 12 months of a W&HV to pay for tuition at international rates AND to meet the other financial requirements for a Student visa. Student visas. See under Eligibility for financial requirements You should also be aware that studying in Australia never provides a guarantee that you will be able to stay permanently. Educational outcomes and immigration are (and always will be) treated by the Australian government as two entirely separate issues.

How to apply for a residencial permit as a refugee's spouse in france when I'm in france?

My wife and I are from different countries. She was recognized as a refugee in France and I was rejected. I accept the OFPRA decision and I would like to know what is the procedure to follow to stay with her?

Presumably you got married after you met in France, having both claimed asylum there. If she were in the UK, you would be classed as a "post-flight spouse"; while she would have a right to family reunion with an already exisdting spouse, one she married after claiming asylum she would have to be able to sponsor by having an income of at least £18,600 a year. I don't know the legal situation in France, but I suspect it would be roughly similar - you as a post-flight spouse would need to qualify in the same way as anyone else and not on the strength of either of you being a refugee. You should certainly look together for legal guidance from a qualified person in France. Good luck.

How to get british citizenship from abroad if the UK citizen has an international posting abroad?

My husband for more then 4 years is British and is working in Bulgaria for a British company (the company send him here in the first place). I would like to investigate the conditions for getting UK citizenship myself. We have a child who has a UK passport.

You need to live in the UK - show your commitment to the country as "your home". Currently that is 6 years living in the UK. 5 years to get ILR (indefinite Leave to remain) 1 year additional (6 in total) to be eligiable for citizenship You also need various statements of good character support and evidence of on-going permanant presence in the UK (home, job or at least your immediate family living with you in the UK). There are no short cuts, or mere marriage or association with a British Citizen. Until July 12, 2012 (day of rules change) there had been a provision for those returning to the UK, to get immediate ILR if they had 4 years of marriage outside the UK. That has now gone, itis now 5 years IN the UK only - i.e. using the UK as your home. As a UK person working in an EEA country you will currently have an EEA family member permit as a spouse when you return to teh UK, you will be able to use the same path (UK visa) to live in the UK. Again 5 years to get PR (there is no automatic certificate - but is available on request) The EEA certificates/ Permnits are also Free. non-EEA Visas/path to Citizensip is return to UK. Spouse/partner visas: (visa to initially Reside) Settling in UK (Visa after 5 years to permantly remain) Citizenship: (Certifcate of Citizenship)

How to adopt a child from Honduras?

I want to adopt a child that I know and have his parent concent that curretnly lives in honduras. What do I have to know and to do?

Move to Honduras and adopt him under Honduran law and live with him there and raise him there. If your true aim is humanitarian and out of love for the child, you will do that. If you true aim is immigration form someone unqualified for immigration, well, that won't work. Everyone in the 3rd world would get themselves adopted by Americans if it worked.

How to become British citizen for a Teen?

I am 14 years old and I am planning on moving to England (London) with my cousin. I want to gain citizenship for the UK. I am currently in the U.S., so how and what would I have to do to gain citizenship for the UK?

First, you cannot move to the U.K. unless you have an immigrant visa. I can't even imagine in my wildest dreams how you would be able to obtain such a visa. Your cousin can't provide any immigration benefits for you. Secondly, becoming a citizen of another country comes many years later, after you've lived there as a permanent resident for a certain amount of years, in case of the U.K. with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The minimum age for that is 18 anyway.

How to become a permanent citizen in a different country?

Does a green card allow a person to live in a different country and become a permanent citizen? How would I be able to become a permanent citizen in the UK when i'm older, just wondering, any help?

Being a citizen is always permanent and legal. A citizen is a citizen is a citizen. You could become a citizen of a foreign country after filing for naturalization. You can file for naturalization after a certain amount of years you have lived in that foreign country as a lawful resident. The most common way to become a resident is by marriage to a citizen of that country and then immigrating there.

How to apply for green card from Morocco to United States ?

How does one get a green card from morocco,Africa to the United States ? Can someone please help and show me how

most folks get them based on petitions filed by close family members who are themselves either US citizens or green card holders. there are also employment based petitions and of course, the green card lottery which is very popular in Morocco. check out for information on the various immigrant categories and how to qualifiy and see what looks likely for you.

How to come to Canada as a childcare worker from Sri Lanka?

What child courses are accepted and needed for a babysitter/childcare worker to get sponsored to Canada. If you of a location where these courses are taught that would be of great help.


Childcare worker category doesn't fall into skilled worker so you can't come Canada on the basis of the said skill. Try some other way or visit Good Luck......

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