How to go from hyderabad airport to secunderabad station?

My flight arrives Hyderabad airport at around 8.30 pm. I have to take a train from secundrabad at 9.45 pm. Is it possible? Or there is another train at 11.45 pm? Should I take this train. How long will it take for me if I leave the airport, say at 9 pm after clearing my luggages and provided the flight is on time?

if the flight arrives at 8.30 pm you will come out only by say 8.45 to 9.00 pm and from airport shamshabad it is impossible to reach within one hour even by taxi , by the time you reach mehdipatnam you have to cover a distance of 25 km and even if you reach this distance in 30 min because of the traffic free bridge , the distance to be covered (from mehdipatnam)to sec bad station need more than 30 min so the chances s are 30-70 so it is better to take the train at 11.45pm, and if you opt for this train , you can comfortably travel in aeroexpress bus to secbad station( but this bus drops you at a stop which is half a km away from the station , so you have to walk with your luggage) / or travel upto mehdipatnam by aeroexpress and from there you can opt for another bus

How to become member of Metro cash and carry in Hyderabad ?

I am starting a website to sell certain good which I want to procure from Metro cash and carry. What documents I need to obtain to become member of Metro ?

One Should be a Registered Retailer/Trader of Products duly having Firm Registration and Sales Tax Registration too

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