How to get people to come and board their horses at my stable?

Help Me!!!!! I need more horses as my stable. I have tried Craigslist. I currently have 20 stalls open. Please don't comment about my spelling or grammar.

Print some flyers and put them up at local tack shops. Also ask the shops if they have websites. Many maintain a list of equine services for their geographical areas. Tack up flyers in places where horse people are likely to go. These might include Tractor Supply, stores and restaurants in areas with lots of farms and ranches, even near trail heads. Put a sign out in front of your property. Put one on your car, truck, and horse trailer. Advertise on Equinenow, Chronofthehorrse, and any other horse-related websites you can find. Talk to people. Ask your friends to spread the word. Print some business cards that you can hand out in places such as horse shows where flyers might be seen as competition. Put out the word with local farriers, dentists, and vets. Give them some flyers and business cards. Make sure that your advertising is appealing, complete, and has full contact information. Proofread to make sure it is correct.

How to find a stable that teaches level 3 riding?

ive got my level 1 and 2 riding(beginners), and i am ready to move onto level 3. However my old instructer only taught levels 1 and 2. would i need to find a stable that teaches intermediate riding....? or what?? o_0 many places dont say what levels they teach and only say whether they teach, beginners, intermediate and advance.

I say go to immediate I am at a high spot for horse riding and I started off at the same stop now I do rodeos but it also matters on what you are doing

How to Pin a Mockingjay pin without damaging my polo?

I got a mockingjay pin and I pinned it on my polo (Stupid right xD) And when I took it out it has an ugly hole because of the pin... Is there a way to still pin it without damaging the polo?

You should try to find two magnets. Put one on the pin. You are probably going to have to take the pointy part off. When you put the pin on put the other magnet on the inside of your shirt. Hope this helps and I love the hunger games. I've read the books and seen the movie can't wait to see the next movie. The picked the right people to play the part's.

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