How to please a male with Venus in Scorpio?

Sagittarius male, Taurus moon, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio.

How can I please him and what should I expect from him?

"Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a rather warm, genial, and romantic individual. You are very idealistic. Almost to the extent that your ideology absorbs practical purposes. You are aspiring rather than ambitious, and you generally look for idealistic rather than realistic satisfactions in life. You never seem to be particularly concerned about everyday matters, such a making a living, working under the assumption that your needs will somehow be provided for, and usually they are. You really have too much faith in people. Most of time people do respond to you as you had hoped and expected they would. When they don't, however, you really let it get under your skin and bog you down. You have so many dreams and illusions, but you really let it get you down when people are ugly or unkind, and the harsh realities of your environment start to close in on you. You can't seem to handle criticism or put downs well. Your highly romantic nature is ardent, impulsive, loyal and devoted. " venus in scorpio is not an island and doesn't act alone so it ALL depends on how venus/scorpio is mathematically aspected to the other 9planets and angles ie; Ascendant/Midheaven as to how it functions. Venus in this sign is in detriment. Now synastry doesn't even work off signs, it works with maths and how they make aspects to YOUR chart for which you have not even mentioned,, why is this?? First you need to understand that you are NOT the sum total of your sun sign! newspaper and magazine astrology is nothing related to the proper astrology that Astrologers use, this is just a pinch of salt entertainment sort. What they do is put each sun sign conjunct the Ascendant and read where the 10 planets fall in any one of the 12 houses. So when you have got your free chart from you will know your Ascendant sign, then if you want use this type of recreational fun, then you would look up your Ascendant sign to stand any kind of chance of having those planets in the right houses for you…. These were invented for commercial reasons... If you cannot get past this idea of JUST sun signs, you will always stay a novice/astro virgin. Perhaps if you learn some of the basics in astrology this will help with your future questions How to approach Synastry please read my thread above and do a little research, read my above thread and if you are still interested please make a new post WITH the correct charts Synastry aspects calculator just remember to reduce the aspects and orb all to 3’ and angles 3’ So research the natal charts and look for mathematical aspects that will smooth things over or aggravate matters further [How can I please him and what should I expect from him?] why not ask, what can HE do to please YOU?? or is your self esteem too low?

How to make a selfish Cancer man change?

I've been in a relationship with my Cancer man for almost two years now and he is extremely selfish in the relationship.
Whenever I try to explain that I'm upset, he ignores me and refuses to respond to my messages.
This started happening at the start of the summer. As a matter of fact, he never used to be like this!
So how could I make him change?

As a cancer female I will be honest and tell you that whenever I become selfish in a friendship or romantic relationship is because I have lost interest and have emmotinally disconnected myself to this person. Confront him and ask him to be honest with you. If he can't be honest with you about his true feelings and your future together as a couple it is sadly time to move on. Lastly, you can not change people, you can only change yourself and change things that you don't like. It is up to the other individual to make any neccessary changes that need to be done. Cancers are not easy people to love because we are very complicated people but with a soft and loving heart.

How to know if I have a special power and what it is?

I suspect I have a special power because some strange things happened to me some time ago, so I'd like to know how I can discover it or how I can explain those things. It might be helpful if you give me a website where I can check, read or something. Thank you for your answers !

Well, you should know? Then only way I see it is to figure it our on your own, or meet a guru in China or something. Can't trust anyone!!! CONSTANT VIGILANCE! You would have to be more specific on what your power is for someone to suggest something. If I could suggest, a forum perhaps? I'm really curious about this...

How to keep a pisces man on the right path?

Ok....we all know that it is very hard to get a pisces man to commit. So ladies, what is your special way of keeping your pisces man on the right path, and faithful to you?

some space and lots of imagination

How to tell the difference between when a Capricorn girl is mad at you and when she has lost interest in you?

I'm confused and fearing the worst. Please help.

She's lost interest if you're still speaking to her and she's coming back with bland remarks. She's mad at you if she's avoiding you, or if she's not talking to you while you're talking to her

How to make an Aries man and Cancer woman relationship work?

What do they have to do to make it work?

No. Aries always wants to go out, have adventures, travel, and do all those things in a hurry. Cancers like to stay home, clean the house, and just live a peaceful contemplative life.

How to attract male-leo moon scorpio venus when they sqaure one another n want opposite things?

If your too aloof the way the scorpio venus likes you'll offend the leo moon and hell walk off pouting, but be too over zealous and the scorpio venus will not enjoy your company?

That square is a personal discontent regarding the Leo Sun vs the Scorpio Venus. I think that the inherent issue here is that the Leo Nature loves attention as without attention they just "wither and die" as we would without our sun. I like to say Leos brighten up the place because they are usually the life of the party and those moments in the sun give "life" to Leo. But I feel there is a private side to the Leo Nature that wants to remain "private" as Leo doesn't want to reveal anything that might be seen as a "negative" so Leo is really good at the art conversation but if you really think after talking with a Leo, nothing really "personal" came up during that conversation. So Leo does "give" of themselves but it is only a giving of a "good" impression as Leo is highly uncomfortable being "transparently" seen, as in that "seeing," someone might find a "smidgen of dirt" upon that smooth beautiful exterior. Venus in Scorpio is one tough position because loving another means being open and giving of their heart and Scorpio isn't comfortable "giving" away anything! At least they aren't comfortable until they are darn sure that the one receiving their love is trustworthy and truly in love with them. And that takes time. Scorpio Venus requires a mate that is patient due to the inherent inability to trust one enough to actually fall in love. So again we have "bump in the road" with disclosure and I think that is what this square actually represents. You couldn't have stated it better in your question. How do you attract someone that requires attention (Leo Sun) yet at the same time resents any "intrusion" into their personal life (Scorpio Venus)? Hence the personal discontent of the square causes problems for this one in their outer nature (sun) and their inner need for love (venus)? I feel that you have to first attract Leo with attention as they love that. I would suggest talking about anything and everything that you can "see" such as their personal appearance. Leos take alot of time getting that personal appearance ready for the party. So I feel a few compliments here and there about their wardrobe or their hair, or both to be sure, would get their initial interest. And then you have got to let him "feel" your interest romantically. I would suggest a few well-placed questions about "how do you like this restaurant" or "have you ever been to this casino?" Then give a bit of information about something that YOU love to do. "I just love this club oh you have just got to go there sometime as the band is just awesome!" This gives the Scorpio Venus time to see that you aren't going to be asking any prying questions about their personal life. Because asking "too much" is the quickest way to lose a Scorpio's interest. There is a fine line between asking too much and not asking enough. You just have to find the perfect balance in order to be able to have a conversation that doesn't intrude on Leo's desire to be "The Best" and Scorpio Venus' desire to not disclose any personal history, particularly their love life. Squares seem to be the toughest aspect to resolve because there just isn't the "tension" of the opposition to know when to back off or "zero in." The square is just this personal discontent and in this particular case the Leo Nature to be seen and heard vs the Scorpio Venus to be dark, secretive, and mysterious. You will have to walk a fine line with this one. How to "give" the perfect amount of attention while still not intruding on the personal love history of the Scorpio Venus. Leo and Scorpio "holding hands" is not comfortable because there is much strength and power involved. I feel this guy will be holding back for a long time. Yes, you might dance the night away and talk until dawn but when you part I imagine there will be more questions than answers. Alot more questions than answers! So I suggest moving slowly and let this guy set the pace. Once you have his attention you are probably "in." Now you just have to KEEP that attention but let him set the pace. Follow his lead as this one isn't a follower. He will be holding the reins in the love department so I wouldn't give too much information to him either. Two can play this game. Being mysterious will keep him interested and being a little "unattainable" will hold his interest better than letting him know just how interested you really are. Men do love the chase and once that is over the romance unfortunately might quickly follow the same path. The Game of Love has no rules so make your own. Good luck and bless you and I wish you well as always. You can figure this out. You are one smart cookie!

How to attract an aquarius sun, capricorn moon and venus in pisces?

A guy I like has his sun in Aquarius and his venus in pisces. I have my sun sign in Cancer and my venus in gemini. Do we match? And how can I attract him?

You are sure on the right track when you ask "how to attract him" as men most often enjoy the chase. However there are males out there that are too shy to "chase" and so we females often have to "get things started." Aquarius Suns are usually impersonal which means that they aren't emotional beings. They are often kind of nerdy as they are usually quite bright. And being emotional probably makes him very uncomfortable. And his Capricorn Moon isn't going to help with getting to know him as our moon rules our emotions and Capricorn Moon dislikes emotions. Period. So remember that because they just do not like showing emotion (especially in public) as they try to control their emotions. But emotions actually control us most of the time. So don't rush this guy. Let him take his time to get to know you are they are choosy about their mates. And his Venus in Pisces is where you luck out as Venus in Pisces are highly emotional when in love. They are compassionate, caring, and loving. So this guy is capable of loving another as Venus=Love. But I feel he still won't be affectionate in public as that Capricorn Moon is quite reserved. And Capricorn Moons do hold grudges too. So this guy is complicated when it comes to love. His Venus is ready to go but will have to "get past" his impersonal Sun (nature) and his reserved Moon (Capricorn). But anything is possible and there is a great energy in that Pisces to love another so just don't rush him in any way and I feel that is how you are going to attract him. And then keep him. You have a very loving nature with your Cancer Sun which is gives one a nature that is highly caring about others, especially family. Cancer's keep the home fires burning and their greatest fear is the loss of a loved one. Cancer's often have a spot in their heart for their loves, both past and current loves. Cancers are also very psychic, mostly through dreams, so always pay attention to your dreams. Very important for Cancers. Your Venus in Gemini might find you having many short relationships as Gemini is a flirtatious sign and a changeable sign too. So don't rush into relationships too quickly and please don't settle down too early. Gemini needs to "sow their wild oats" and they usually have many wild oats to sow. I feel you also have a duality in you with that loving almost clingy Cancer Sun and your light-hearted way of loving another. We often have contradictory energies in our chart. And both of you have these dualities so take your time and let him notice you. And don't be too "chatty" when you are around this guy because he is rather reserved. SO when you see him smile and say hi and when he is around don't flirt with other guys either. He has to first notice that you are interested in him and then HE can get the ball rolling. I also suggest that you give him your full attention when you are close to him as Capricorn Moons can be disliking of a potential love giving her attention to another. Good luck and bless you both and hope this is helpful to you.

How to win over a friendship with a Scorpio?

Woman? This scorpio woman i know seems so closed off from everything. She does however excel in whatever she does. I'm a Taurus female. How to win over and impress a scorpip female as a friend?

Not an easy task- Scorpios are the best at seeing through obvious ploys. To win points with her just be yourself -you can't "impress her" into becoming a friend. She has to like you for who you truly are. No gushy outpourings or compliments either! Others have tried and most have failed and it is because she is keenly focused on her own goals and won't appreciate you becoming her co-pilot riding on her accomplishments- those she will keep to herself. The only way to win her over is to be just as special in your own way.

How to get my pisces back on planet earth?

I love him dearly and the relationship is good, but he tends to drift off into this once young fantasy world of what he did, who he knew, instead of focusing on improving his future. He talks about making progress in many ways but lacks the effort to quite make it happen. I don't want his inability to be on planet earth and his lack of ambition which I feel is partly because of him missing in space to interfere in our progress towards the future. Any suggestions??

Just be like him and double his imagination by adding your imagination as fuel....and see the effect of reverse psychology.... just try it...

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