How to present something personal to the class?

I have a French presentation tomorrow, in which I will be required to talk about my past, present, and future in French. The problem is that I have social anxiety, I barely know French, and I hate the majority of my classmates. Most of them all lived in Canada for their whole lives, and I've moved to many countries, so I'd hate to be the only one with an interesting past. What can I do? I really don't want to present but I don't want to fail class either.
I also feel that my past is really personal and I don't want to share that with most of my classmates.

I have had a similar problem but with Spanish, just be confident, and practice! Take Deep breaths while your up there and remember, you're in a class. People are allowed to make mistakes, just do your best!

How to write a report for a maths project pracitically done in school?

I had a Profit and loss project in maths (in which we had to sell stuff and earn profits). Now, we have to write a report about it (approximately 2 pages). Please help.

See;_ylt=AuSe6qWgzwy1mnIweM12T6mbvZx4?p=How+to+write+a+report+for+a+math+project&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701 hope this helps

How to find the lateral area and total surface area of a cylinder?

I'm doing 7th grade math and I need to know how to find the lateral area and total surface area of a cylinder. Oh and also we're using 3.14 not PIE

Lateral area=circumference*height, so 2*3.14*radius*height Surface area = 2 bases + curved surface. This is 2*3.14*radius^2, + 2*3.14*radius*height

How to write a thesis for a psychology presentation?

All I know is that it is supposed to be short, about 5 sentences, and I haven't completly decided on the topic yet but I'm leaning towards mental health in prisons. I just need a basic outline to follow. Thank You!

Your thesis states your topic AND the point you want to make about it. The point should be something that someone could argue with- that is, something that isn't immediately obvious. Your topic is mental health in prisons. What point do you want to make about that? You may need to do your research before you know what you want to say about it. "Prisoners have mental health problems that need to be addressed." NOT a good topic. Too obvious, and it doesn't really give you anywhere to go. "Prisons do not provide sufficient counseling for mental health problems, which is why so many convicted criminals end up back in prison soon after being released." Better, and it leads into research on the minimum amount of counseling prisoners get.

How to write a journal entry for school?

I need to write 5 journal entries for uncle tom's cabin.
Can someone help me start of.

Try reading it first. Then, just write what you thought about it!

How to tell if your graph should be discrete or continuous?

After you get the situation that you're graphing about. Please help quick I have a math test tomorrow.

Continuous Graphs Continuous graphs represent functions that are continuous along their entire domain. These functions may be evaluated at any point along the number line where the function is defined. For example, the quadratic function is defined for all real numbers and may be evaluated in any positive or negative number or ratio thereof. Continuous graphs do not possess any singularities, removable or otherwise, in their domain, and possess limits across their entire representation. Discrete Graphs Discrete graphs represent values at specific points along the number line. The most common discrete graphs are those that represent sequences and series. These graphs do not possess a smooth continuous line but rather only plot points above consecutive integer values. Values that are not whole numbers are not represented on these graphs. The sequences and series that produce these graphs are used to analytically approximate continuous functions to any desired degree of accuracy.

How to write a five page essay on similarities and differences eastern and western religions?

It's due in two days and im in tenth grade but i've never written an essay so long its on the similarities and differences between Eastern(Buddhist and Hindu) and Western(Judaism, Christian, and Islamic) religions. Please Help

Eastern Religions * Monism (one kind of reality) ia there. * All sentient beings have value On Divine Nature (the nature of God) * The Divine is immanent in creation (not separate). There are no words for the Divine. * Beginning" and "end" of the universe pose "questions that do not edify." * Change is considered an integral part of creation, and does not indicate inferior or degraded being. *Karma — the universal law of cause and effect — imposes forensic continuity: i.e., people get what they deserve as part of the very nature of reality. Every birth is the result of previous karma. On Human Nature *The individual is not really real; the separateness of humans from creation and from one another is an illusion to be overcome. * The human body is an illusion and is morally a distraction, but is not inherently bad. * Reincarnation (transmigration of souls through many lifetimes) is a central belief. Because you know you'll be coming back, and the law of karma will automatically reward the good and punish the evil in the next incarnation, there is not a lot of philosophical worry about injustice and victimization (it's always temporary and never fatal). Western Religions * Dualism (two kinds of reality, material and non-material) * Sharp distinctions are made between humans and the rest of the natural world (things, animals); between humans and other spirits (angels). On Divine Nature (the nature of God) * The Divine is transcendent, essentially different from creation. "Father" imagery common. * Eschatological outlook (God created the universe and will end it someday). * As in Plato, change is associated with degradation and disintegration, especially of the body. Perfect things (e.g., God) are changeless ("immutable"). * The human world is emphatically not the arena in which we play out our moral destiny: we get rewarded or punished for our earthly misdeeds only after we are dead, in another realm of being. On Human Nature * The individual remains the same individual through eternity. The ontological separateness of the individual from others and from creation is real and permanent. * The human body is seen as a major source of temptation, sin, change, decay. There is intense ambivalence toward the body. *In Western religions, prophets, Popes, mullahs, etc. convey God's word to ordinary people. Some forms of Protestantism, however, (e.g., Quakerism) emphasize looking within. *"You only go around once." The problem of evil is thus HUGE in Western philosophy of religion. Also, sin is a much more serious matter, since you get only one chance at life. Heaven is for humans only, so the Western view is "speciesist". Animals don't get saved, nor do their interests matter much, whereas for non-Western religions, every sentient being eventually gets released.

How to write a Presidential and vice president speech?

I have a government project, I am suppose to pretend to run for president and need to write a speech and cover 5 issues. I don't know where to start. My friend is my is running with me as vice president and she is having the same problem as me. How on earth do you start to write a good presidential and vice president speech, what do we need to cover in the two speeches??? Please help us figure it out.

You could look at the speech Matthew Fraser, a Pierce County, Washington high school senior, gave.

How to write a conclusion in this experiment?

We are doing an experiment of people tasting different flavors of jelly beans with their eyes closed. We haven't done it yet so how would we write our conclusion?
No, It says what do you expect to find out?

Okay, so you are trying to write your hypothesis. You could say: Therefore, people cannot differentiate between the different flavors of jellybeans with their eyes closed. Or if they're asking you what you EXPECT to find out, they are asking for the prupose. It would be along the lines of: I want to find out if people can taste the different flavors of jellybeans with their eyes closed.

How to write a good persuasive essay about same sex marriage?

I'm I have to write a persuasive essay why same sex marriage should be legalize in all the states . My guiding question is that .Why isn't same sex marriage being legalize in all the states.

write introduction, for and against the problem and conclusion, do not forget to include your opinion and prove that it is correct one, the source below is an example

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