How to replace the spring clips on the back of the receiver?

2 of the springs on the back where you connect the speaker wires popped out when someone yanked the wires out. Can I replace just the springs or do i need to replace the whole assembly?
The plastic assembly surrounding it is not broken at all. The springs just popped off. We did take it apart and found nothing else broken.

It depends on if any plastic broke and if they are not an unusual size; sometimes they can be replaced by just getting a new spring and reinserting the spring and clip back in, I have had limited success doing this as on one occasion I was able to get the spring and clip back in but on another nothing I tried would work as the plastic would bread off a pin as I tried to insert it...I even ordered a new spring clip panel took it apart and tried to use the new spring and plastic clip inserted into the old, with no luck, I am now thinking of replacing the whole assembly with binding posts...

How to make your own radio station for a drive-in theater?

My friends and I are in highschool and we're trying to start a drive-in fundraiser. We're going to do it in the school parking lot, but I can't find anybody that knows how to broadcast the film audio so that everybody can tune in and listen to it. I've heard that it's possible to just broadcast it onto an AM station, but would like some information on how. Anything helps, thank you!

To do that you are going to need to get a license from the FCC. It will cost you an arm and a leg to this project. You are better off renting a set of DJ speakers. Hope this will help you out.

How to get the best home theatre experience?

I have a 720p 3d projector and a samsung 5.1 3d blueray system. Today i was at the cinema and watched a movie, the difference is huge, i don't get the "movie" feeling at home. The seats are 8.2 ft or 2.5 m from the 50" screen. I'm using my sisters room, she is not living here right now, but she'll be back in a few months so i can't do something like complete sound isolation. What can i do with a 200$ budget?

If what you want is to reproduce the movie theater sound and video experience at home, good luck with that, as that is a quest where spending $100,000 is not unreasonable at all. You have a mid-fi projector and a crappy sound system. It's no wonder that a movie theater easily blows all that away. If you want to get to a good level, you'll need at least $2,000 for a hidef TV, and about an equal amount for a good home theater sound system. For what you're looking to do, $200 is the sales tax.

How to access the online features of a blu ray disc using a wired blu ray player & smart tv?

My sony blu ray player has an Ethernet port, but it’s not practical for me to use a wired connection. My Samsung smart tv has a wireless dongle attached to it. If I run an Ethernet cable from the smart tv to the blu ray, will I be able to access the online features of my blu ray discs?

No, but what do you want to access on your bluray that you cnnot access from your TV. Do you not have a usb port on your bluray, you could get a wireless dongle for that too.

How to make center channel produce left and right channel audio?

Is there anyway to make a center channel to produce the left and right audio channels?

Not really. If you are trying to down-convert the sound to mono - why not just use the TV speakers? (sigh) Ok - some receivers like the Yamaha RX-V series have a feature called 'virtual cinema' that will let you use less than 5 speakers in a system. I use 2 speakers for my bedroom system and I get all the sounds even from a good 5.1 movie. It can probably be told to just use the center speaker for all sounds. But this ability to down-mix the different channels is a non-standard type of feature. As far as I know - only Yamaha offers this. Again - using just the TV speakers would probably be your better option because you will at least get stereo rather than mono. Hope this helps.

How to connect my laptop to my tv and home theater?

I want to connect my laptop to my LG LED TV and my LG Blueray Home Theater System, I can get the laptop hooked up to my TV but haven't been able to get the audio to got through the Home Theater System.
I have a HDMI cable from my laptop to my tv, and the audio/video works fine...I have yet been able to get sound to go from either into the home theater system.

The most effective way to do this is by having HDMI output on your graphics cards. If it has HDMI, it will export audio and video, and you can just plug it into your tv. Since your TV is plugged into your sound system, you'll get the picture on the tv and the audio from your sound system. If, like me, you don't have HDMI ports, here's what I did: My PC has two 'out' ports, one VGA, and one DVI - as both my monitor and tv have VGA connectors, I got a DVI>VGA adaptor, so that my tv and monitor are hooked up simultaneously. Your laptop probably just has a VGA (and is connected to its own screen entirely) so for that all you need is a VGA cable. However that's only video, you still need the audio. What I do for this, is essentially just have a cable going from the speaker (or headphone) port on my computer to the audio-in on my soundsystem. However, because I like to switch between PC, Cable and Xbox on my TV without swapping cables... I bought an AV switcher. It has 3 AV inputs, and one output, with a little slider to select which one its using. I only use it for the audio, as everything is connected to the TV already anyway (HDMI for Cable, VGA for PC, Component for Xbox). I have a 'audio jack to stereo' cable going from the TV to the switch. Another of the same cables going from my PC speaker socket to the switch. And just plugged the audio jacks of the Xbox component cable straight into the switch. The output for the switch goes into my soundsystem. And I can select either of the 3 channels for whichever audio I want. Also, I have a simple jack splitter coming out my pc's sound card, as my pc is in another room, so I can get audio on both sets of speakers, or simply one at a time. With this setup, I just need to change channel on the tv, and change the audio switch as desired, whereas with HDMI you'd be able to just change the channel and get audio AND video. I think however I might keep my current setup though, as the benefit of keeping audio and video separate is that I can have say, music playing from the Xbox while I'm browsing the web on the PC. Or have music playing from the PC while I watch TV. If it were all HDMI you'd essentially be stuck with the audio of whatever is on your screen. Hope this helped! email me if you need any help figuring out what leads to buy or setting up, for all the additional leads I bought, and the switch, it was still cheaper than buying a graphics hard with HDMI out, and although it uses more wires than HDMI, its a more customisable solution in my opinion.

How to hook up a Sony home theater receiver to a koby DVD player?

Hi, we are having difficulty connecting our,Sony home theater receiver to our koby DVD player. We have been able to establish an audio connection, but video will not appear on the tv. The tv is an older model of Sanyo at least 5 years old. Thank you for any help :)

please send model of home theatre and tv( need to know if HD or not) I will try and help

How to test if a line-level signal from an amp is working before buying active speaker?

I'm messing around with my integrated amp and want to make sure the line-level signal from the "pre-outs" are working before I buy active speakers. I don't want to buy the active speakers to then find out there is no signal through the rca cables. I know this is probably a dumb question but how can I make sure there is a line-level signal coming from the "pre-outs" of the amp?

This is the Ax-900u right? Just disconnect the little jumpers between the preamp out and in. If your passive speakers stop playing then you know you were getting signal through from the output to the input. Remove and reconnect these with the amplifier in the OFF position. Also, I sometimes use headphones to test to see if a signal is present. The headphones are usually 3.5 mm jacks so I just use clip leads or what ever if I don't have an adapter handy. mk

How to wire ceiling speaker in 1st floor ceiling on a 2 floor house?

How to wire ceiling speaker in 1st floor ceiling on a 2 floor house? the house is a completely built home, is there a way to run the cable with no damage to drywall?


It might be able to be done but would have to looked at by a professional AV installer. It would depend on the locations you need to have them run, which in turn depends on the direction the floor joist are run, and location of the system. Your going to have to have some drywall cut but it may not be much depending on the above description. Not a job for beginners, look up a local independent high end audio video store as they specialize in installing and designing these types of systems. Forget about wireless speaker systems they are junk. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist

How to connect this subwoofer to a reciever?

I just got a Polk PSWI8M wireless subwoofer. I set everything up right, but the directions say to plug the left and right (white and red) cords into the TV. I want the subwoofer to go with my reciever.

Is this possible, and if so, how can I do it?

You can not connect any speakers to a tv. The tv audio output is through an optical audio output, which has to be connect to a receiver (multi channel) to decode the digital signal. Your subwoofer will work with a receiver only and not the tv. Hope this will help you out.

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