How to draw a sankey diagram for a lightbulb?

How do i draw a sankey diagram which represents a light bulb with an input energy of 100 J an an efficiency of 10% and how do you work it out? Thanks

The arrows will look a bit like this one - also 10%

How to convince parents to let you do online schooling?

I have my reasons why I dont want to do public school anymore. I've brought up wanting to do online schooling to my mom but my mom keeps telli g me no because she believes it'll be harder for me to get scholarships and stuff. How can I convince her to actually let me do online scholling? Thanks!

You can convince your parents to let you do online schooling by telling them why you want to go to school online and also showing that you know what online schooling entails. Do your homework (no pun intended) and let your parents know your plan. I have linked to some articles below that can help you prepare for online school. Look into programs that are right for you, associated costs, and what online school will mean for you and your parents. Show your parents that you are responsible and can keep up with your schoolwork and stick to a schedule. Start looking into scholarship requirements and college requirements. Make sure that you will be able to meet these requirements as you continue in your education. Your performance, your extracurricular activities, and your enthusiasm will matter when you apply. Also point out that you may be able to do better in a type of school that is right for you! If you can do better in school, that will better help you in the future! Best of luck to you!

How to get my mom to consider home schooling?

I really want to be home schooled but my mom just laughed and said no when I mentioned I wanted to be home schooled. How do I get her to consider it.

What are her reasons for saying "no" ? That question needs to be answered before you can methodically come up with counter-reasons why it would work. Also, why do you want to be home schooled? Does she feel that your reason for wanting to be home-schooled is valid? Does she have the time to oversee it or does she work full-time? Once you answer these questions then you can proceed to find a program (there are many different types) that may work with your specific situation.

How to convince my parents to let me stop home schooling?

I have been homeschooled all my life and I used to like it but know all my friend are gone. I was gonna go to normal school but no my dad said that I wasn't smart enough. Enen though i am an A+ student in a the homeschool classes ive taken! My mom is not sure whats best but I am. I need help quick!!!

You have to really think about it, because its a huge decision to make. Your parents are probably just worried that you won't fit in, because you've been home schooled all your life. You're going to have to be confident and not really shy, because then you'll make friends on the first day. Also, if you do move to a school, then go to one where you know some people so that you already have some friends there. Tell your parents that you feel really restricted and like you have no social life because you're always at home. Explain to them that it will give you more opportunities such as sport and other activities or chances to develop talents. Tell them you want to meet new people and socialise. Tell them that you want to get the best possible grades you can but you feel like you can't by being home schooled. Suggest that they call the school you want to go to and see if you can arrange a week or two where you attend the lessons and see if you really do want to make that choice. Really let them know how much it means to you. Also, it might help if you get a bit tearful.. they'll feel a bit guilty and are more likely to agree. Good luck! (-:

How to get better grades when you deal with horrible Insomnia and procrastination?

Hello. I've been getting C's. Which makes me feel horrible, sad and stupid. And it's with subjects I favor. And am usually good at. I don't understand why I keep getting them. I have horrible insomnia, and terrible procrastination. I try to wait till I'm not tired, but with insomnia I barely sleep and if I do, it's terrible. Plus, I have a horrible fear of failure. Help?

First go to the doctor to deal with the insomnia. There can be many reasons and until it's treated, you're probably going to have a hard time doing anything. Once you're sleeping better you'll have a better outlook on just about everything. Then, start getting yourself on a regiment.

How to convince my school to let me homeschool?

I've been really upset about school and I need to be homeshooled mum has been trying like crazy to convince my school to let me out but they are spinning us a load of crap about you can only homeschool if you are mental/physically sic or heavily religious. help !! I have my second apointment with my concelor on thursday what do I do To make her see?

If your parents want you to be home schooled and talk to the school about it then they can not say no because that is up to the parents. I recommend your parents looking into it (legal stuff) and take it from there. Your school can't keep you from that because many kids are home schooled with out any of the above reasons. Good luck.

How to convince your parents to let you go to school in America?

Okay, basically I live in the UK and I wanted to go to school in America but my parents won't let me. How can I convince them to let me go. I have relatives who live there. Please help.

By school I guess you mean high school, not college/university? It's going to be tricky. I think you should consider the practical obstacles and then present a proposal to your parents. Parents are always impressed by an organised mature approach. If they still aren't keen then at least they will be able to tell you which part of the plan they are worried about. Then you can see whether you can come up with an answer to their worries. You need to work with them to come up with a solution. Assuming you do mean high school, if I were your parent I would wonder about the following: Have your relatives actually invited you to stay with them, or are you fairly sure they'll agree? It would be a huge favour you are asking of them. Do you know them well? Are you eligible for a visa? Would you be eligible to go to "public school" (state school) for free? Who will pay your airfares, medical and dental insurance (this can be expensive - there's no NHS), and living expenses while you are there? Your parents will stop receiving Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for you if you are living abroad, so work that in as an expense. Would you plan to stay in the US throughout high school? If not, how would this affect the qualifications you would end up with? You shouldn't plan to return to the UK in the run-up to sitting GCSE exams, for instance. Would you be on track to graduate from a US high school; will they give you credit for what you've already done? Are your parents going to see this as a personal rejection of them? "Goodbye, thanks for everything but I don't want to live with you anymore"? If you're doing this because you don't get on with them, are there alternatives? If you do still get on with them, can you explain to them why going abroad is a good thing for you to do at this point in your life anyway, and why you feel particularly able to cope with the rest of your teens without their guidance? If it's university you mean, you can go without their permission. Have you looked at how the costs compare to those of attending an institution here, and do you have a plan to raise the money?

How to convince my parents that I should be homeschooled online?

Hi! Im really hating school at the moment! I really want to start an online school! Ive asked and they are never sure because they both are always working so they dont know If I wont just play on the computer al day even though its like skype so the teacher would see! Anyway so any tips on how to perswade them! Also please no nasty comments about homeschooling! :)

I do k12 home schooling. It's not like Skype, its actually quite different, for me it's more like a chat room with a power point. It's pretty easy unless you get behind. And it's harder to adjust if you start half way through the year. Some days I finish at 2 other days I finish at 4 so it just depends. I would mention that you'll treat it like a regular school wake up at a set time and get ready, because you will have classes and additional work. I told my mom that my grades would go up, and you can show you're parents all the work you've completed because each teacher gives you a pace chart and you get a grade book you just click on.

How to convince my mother in letting me take online school next year?

I seriously HATE my school and everyone in it. They are all so conceited and if you aren't one of the popular kids or in a sport the teachers make it a living hell. She doesn't understand because my brothers were popular and my other brother broke the school record in baseball so they were treated better. I can't stand being there.

OMG! I was in your place last year! I was a total outcast and the kids were idiots. I now take a great online school! :) Now, it does take patience, and for me, a lot of stress relieving. I told my mom the complete truth about EVERYTHING. The inappropriate phrases, the trashy girls who think they are classy. BLECH. Sit her down, and tell her everything. Scream it and cry it out and tell her she is torturing you! Tell her what's on your mind. What you have been thinking about for the past year. *if she says no, don't give up. My mom said no, and I couldn't sleep for days. Tell her you simply will not go without a fight that you win.

How to get a work permit if I'm home schooled?

I'm 15, I'm applying to taco bell later this month, but I need a work permit. I'm privately home schooled. I do all my work online. No teachers or anything. It is no affiliated with a school.


You will have to check the department of labor (or equivalent) website for where you live because proceedures vary greatly from country to country and if in the US, from state to state.

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