How to keep the objects from sinking in the glue of a Bottle Charm?

im starting to make bottle charms but i noticed that the object sinks in the clear glue. is there a way to prevent the objects from sinking, or a thinker clear glue that the objects wouldn't sink in?

try allowing the glue to dry more before you put the things in, if that doesn't work do it in layers put in some glue allow it to fully dry them put in some charms and repeat hope I could be of some help

How to make a basic body model with items found at home?

This Halloween I plan to create a model of the Slender Man to put outside my house to scare people. I want to use everyday material to create this (suit, tie, pants, Styrofoam head, etc.) When studying pictures of Slender, I've noticed that his arm length nearly reaches his knees. I'd also like to give my model this effect. Where can I buy or find items to make this model and how do I put them together to make the Slender Man?

Depending on whether Slender Man will be standing or sitting, I'd probably just stuff some regular clothing with wadded newspapers or other clothing to make a basic body, and use a white shirt, black jacket and pants to stuff. To make the arms and legs extra long, I'd connect more fabric (fabric tubes) to the end of the jacket sleeves and to the end of the pants legs, trying to use the same "look" of fabric. Or you could just cut the arms off of the jacket, and cut off the legs of the pants higher than would be under the jacket, then make your own tubes of black fabric as long as you like for the arms and legs (sewing one end to the cut-off areas). If your SM will be standing, you'll have to put it over, or connect it to, some kind of rigid pole/tube probably on a base of some kind (or into a hole in the ground, etc). The rigid poly-tube could be wood rods, metal tubes, PVC pipe, etc. Or make a tall T shape, with the crosspiece being the shoulders. You'll also need to use some way of making sure the head connects well with the shoulders or on a neck. Check out the ideas in these links and pics for SM in general, and more about neck area plus arms/legs: Hmmm, doesn't look like most people creating Slender Man even try to make longer arms and legs though, and are often making costumes to wear not a model. These links and lessons on making "Halloween stuffed dummies" will probably be more useful: ...making a whole body or most of one with duct tape, then stuffing: . .

How to attach something to a dowel with crochet?

So for a project for AP Human Geography, we have to make a country's population pyramid, and being a fairly creative person, I decided to crochet mine, using a scale of 1 dc = .1 percent in the population. I was planning on attaching the top and bottom of my pyramid to a thin dowel, and I am wondering if there's any way I could somehow do this by crocheting? Thanks :)

You can always just make a loop out of a few chain stitches. You can also make a "tab out of single or double crochet stitches, about 1" wide and 2" long. Do that on the edges and center of the bottom (make 3 tabs there) and then one on the top. One end of the tab is attached to the crocheted piece. Fold the tab in half and sew the other end to the back of the piece. You then have little 1" x 1" squares, double thick, to put a dowel through. Leave the sides of the squares open, of course.

How to find and collect old vintage photos?

I live in NYC. I want to get into collecting old photos. I am always going to flea markets with sellers who have hundreds of amazing photos, yet I can never seem to find anything when i go to estate sales, no one has photos and even if they do, they are not selling them. Where do flea market sellers find their old photos and postcards?

They probably go to trade shows or get them on eBay, online classified ads or in antique stores. Or they get to the estate sales before you. Or they buy up a "lot" or box of goods from an auction or foreclosure sale of an estate or a storage locker. Also, check out trade shows for postcards.

How to you make that runny glue stuff that is used to make pinatas out of newspaper?

My Spanish teacher let us make pinatas from news paper and she had this weird glue she used to dip the paper in and lay it on the balloon, then she let's it dry after the balloon was covered, popped the balloon, and we had a round pinata. What is this glue?

It's called paper mache. It's made with water and either flour or glue (or sometime's both) Here's one of the bajillion paper mache recipes on the internet:

How to apply a pickguard to my guitar?

I just ordered some pickguard material in a solid black color, less than a millimeter thick. My guitar is one I built myself, it's a white, flat SG-ish shape and the pick guard will be very small and decorative when I cut it to size.

I'm wondering what kind of glue should I use to apply this pickguard? I don't want anything too permanent in case I make a mistake.
There is a double coating of sealer over the guitar itself.

You'd want some sort of resin adhesive, one that is super strong when set but doesnt set instantly so you can get things in place. It would also wipe of when wet I think.

How to make different styles of friendship bracelets out of yarn?

My friend has chronic migraines and I just found out that there's an awareness ribbon (like the breast cancer ribbon), the ribbon is mainly purple with a stripe of red through it (you can always google it). All I have of these colors is yarn and I'm not going out to buy any other supplies. So I was wondering what are some different ways to make bracelets out of yarn? Thanks! :D

If you want to make the friendship bracelets out of yarn you can do it. What you will have to do is unravel the yarn. You may have it in two or more strands. Just unravel it and use one strand at a time.

How to make the holes in cotton webbing belts?

I've been making belts made of cotton webbing and a layer of fabric, but I haven't found an efficient way to make the belt holes. I bought a cheap grommet puncher online, but unfortunately it wouldn't puncture the cotton webbing. I know that grommets are used for the belt holes, but I need help finding a tool that will work with the cotton webbing.

Try a leather punch for the holes. Is it definitely cotton? have you tried melting holes?

How to install a floyd rose on a fender strat?

I have a fender strat with a standard tremello on it. I wanna install a floyd rose on it. But i keep seeing that you have to rout alot of the wood. Is there a way that i can place the floyd rose with out routing a bed for it. Is it possible to just screw it in over the original tremelo place?

Hello there, Absolutely not. The Floyd Rose rocks both directions so it needs a shallow cavity routed out behind it. Different models of the Floyd Rose (and its clones) have different requirements. I think Charvel back in the 80s had a locking bridge that did not have a cut out behind the bridge. Don't know if it would bend the pitch both ways like a Floyd Rose. You might try to track down one of those. However, vintage Charvel parts are not cheap. I think that might have been a Kahler bridge that Charvel used. Fender also used a Kahler bridge in the 80s and I think it did not require a cut out behind the bridge. Those were locking bridges, but they did not bend the pitch up like a Floyd Rose. Later,

How to make my own snapback at home?

I don't want a website to design a snapback, I want to use my own materials to make a hat. I have leather for the cap part, and snakeskin for the brim. Will someone tell me how to cut out the shapes for the cap to sew together?

Firstly, I'm assuming you know how to sew leather. Here are some basic tips on how to make a snapback : -- links to solve some related 'issues', measurements, ..... -- some steps, demonstrated in the videos may come in handy These template patterns will be helpful in shaping, cutting, sewing : -- cuttingpattern plus instructions ! Happy sewing :-)

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