How to pick college and how to get ready for college?

I'm finishing my junior year in high school right now, and plan on doing a lot of planning and getting ready this summer, since I want to apply for early admission.
I've already taken my ACT and don't plan to retake it, because I feel my score is good. I got a composition score of 27. I'm retaking two classes this summer to improve my GPA. It's 3.2, but with the two classes will be higher. I've already picked out my classes. I picked AP and Duel enrollment classes.

Since you don't have any particular major in mind, your local state schools are probably the best choice. They'll have a wide variety of majors, they're cheaper for you than most other schools, and they are more likely to accept you.

How to write a great college application statement?

What are some helpful hints and tips for writing a great statement for applying to a college?

Some hints are included in scroll down to "Writing Admissions Essays"

How to reflect on a college personal statement?

I am writing a personal statement or a college entrance essay. I am writing about an incident and now I am writing the reflection that goes with it. This is the part where I am to reflect and show what quality I am trying my essay to show.

What should the reflection part say?
What questions should I answer in this part?
How should my essay be ended?
Any ideas?

How about these ideas: 1.Was there has been some obstacle or "bump in the road," in your academic or personal life? If yes, explain the circumstances. 2.Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.

How to pay for college when I get to a university?

I have been going to a community college and paying for it out of of pocket for the last two years. I am going to transfer to a university and there's no way I can afford to do the same when I get there. My parents don't help at all, and I work a lot so I was t qualified for any aid. My question is, do loans get offered to everyone? And will there be an offer for enough money to cover tuition despite income levels?

Stafford loans are need based, but Perkins loans are not.

How to become a psychiatrist after the completion of BSC nursing?

My friend completed BSC nursing now. He want to become a psychiatrist. So what are the requirements and qualifications for that? & What are the Govt.Colleges in kerala they are providing this course?

Ask your friend to study MBBS and then he has to specialize in psychiatrist subject to become a psychiatrist.

How to transfer to another CSU after only one year instead of two?

I now attend Sonoma State University. Next year, due to financial issues, I would like to attend Sacramento state (where I live). But in order to transfer to Sac state you need to have finished 60 credits (2 years). Is there any way for me to transfer with 30 credits? Or will I need to attend a community college?


There is no possible way that you'll be admitted until you complete all the transfer requirements with a high enough GPA. You must go to a community college (or private college) in order to complete the transfer requirements. No CSU or UC will accept lower-division transfers due to the budget cuts since 2009. Don't expect to easily transfer even after you finish the requirements. You may only be able to transfer in Fall, since Winter/Spring/Summer might not be open for admissions due to more budget cuts. Thousands of qualified students are getting rejected and have to reapply the following year to try again. You also have to be very careful not to complete 90 or more units before transfer because they also don't accept senior transfers. The whole system is set up to punish students who decide to leave their existing UC or CSU to go to a different one, unless you have a valid and documented reason like a military transfer or a life-threatening illness that can only be treated at another location. You will be considered a CSU-CSU transfer even if you attend a community college to complete the transfer requirements, which will put you right at the bottom of the priority list for admissions. They figure that you had your chance already at one CSU, and it was your responsibility to figure out how to pay for all for years before you attended the CSU that you picked. You also will probably lose some credits due to differences in the GE and major requirements between campuses, which is another reason why the CSU discourages intrasystem transfers. There is a proposal on the table right now to charge students an extra $300-400 per unit on top of the regular tuition for any student with 150 or more units. That's one semester more or less than what a typical degree takes to complete. If that proposal goes through, there will be many thousands of CSU students who will be forced out of college without degrees and few students will be able to afford to do double majors. Not many students will be able to pay a $9-12,000 surcharge penalty per year. Many student will not be able to change majors if it requires more than one semester than the normal 4 years to switch. Student will have to pick a single major and complete in 4 years or else pay that huge bill.

How to convince my dad to let me leave science stream and join Hotel Management?

Im a 16 year old guy and I dont like and understand Science so therefore I wanna switch! But it was my decision to take science earlier and now I regret it... My dad is kind but strict in studies. How do I convincd him? Plez help I will be very grateful to u guys.

If he is one of those parents that are strict about their son/daughter going to University, then it might upset him, but either way, its your choice at the end of the day. Explain to him nicely saying that not everyone can be interested and happy in a particular area of study and that you are not enjoying science and don't understand it. Continuing a particular area of study with no interests would be bad later on, not only would be you unhappy in general, but your grades can suffer aswell due to lack of commitment because of your disinterest. Also tell him about the advantages of getting into Hotel Management, such as the schools, training, salary, benefits etc. Hopefully he sees it from your point of view and lets you change, you should never force someone to study something they're not interested in. He might not be happy at the beginning, but eventually he will understand it and let it go.

How to be a neurologist in the Philippines?

I am about to graduate with Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I am thinking of possible alternatives for my career. Is it possible to be a neurologist? And at what school/s can I take the degree or subjects or whatever?

Go to medical school Then take a residency in neurology, then take board exams, and you become a neurologist.

How to become an emergency manager?

I'm looking into switching my major to a BA in Geography. I was wondering if I would be able to become an emergency manager with this bachelor degree. What are some other jobs I can get with a BA in Georgraphy? I was looking into city planning but those need master degrees and I don't want nor can spend another few years in college. Any suggestions?

Hi! This site lists career options in Geography: Another option is becoming a Geographic Information Systems professional, and here is an interview with one: In addition, here is an interview with an emergency manager, in case this gives you some guidance: Good luck! :)

How to get involved in research projects in a community college setting?

I'm curious to know whether there are opportunities that exist for college students to become involved in practice scientific research projects. Ideally these projects would not be for a grade but for the practical experience. Whether the events are taking place at college or outside of college doesn't matter to me although I'd really love to be working in a lab somewhere.

If you have any ideas or advice I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you :)
Thanks for the honesty, Eri. Still, what a shame :( I suppose I should focus on transferring to a university then.

Most community colleges don't offer opportunities to get involve in original research. Mostly because they don't require that of their professors (while research universities only require professors to teach 2-3 classes a year, community colleges require their professors to teach 10-12 classes a year) and they don't offer to fund or otherwise support research. Try finding out if your professors have any connections at local universities and can recommend you to someone instead. Even REU programs usually won't take community college students.

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