How to get parents to let you go trick or treating?

I am 13 years old and have never gone trick or treating. My parents are overprotective and don't trust me for anything. They won't even let me WALK HOME. They won't let me trick or treat because I am christian and they think it is satanic. But they let my brothers go trick or treating before with friends.

get an friend to go trick or treating with you and if your parents still don't like it bring up that they let your brothers go. and if that still does not work than ask them what part of giving candy to children is so satanic.

How to get through a haunted house?

I am going to a really scary haunted house (Netherworlds) and i am so freaked out! I know that if you run, hide your face, act scared, etc they try to get in your face and scare you more. I would be completely fine in a haunted house if the people didn't get in my face. I mean don't get me wrong im going there to get scared, but i dont like when they really try to scare and get you in your face. So do you have any tips? Or tips on surviving a haunted house in general? Thanks!

Skip around like a little kid, when they jump out at you shriek and flail, then laugh and repeat.

How to create porcelain doll makeup look with a brake in the face for Halloween?

I'm not sure if it's possible but I'm going to be a creepy porcelain doll for Halloween, is there any way I could do the makeup and add an extra creepy effect by it appearing that my face is broken. I think a broken porcelain doll is a little more creepy and I would love to be able to do it if possible.

The secret is contrasts. Very white face with very black cracks. I have attached a tutorial that might help you. It is not a bad idea to carry a doll with you with the same type of makeup so that people "Get" what you are trying to get across. Good Luck

Any Suggestions on How to make a home made costume ?

I do not want to spend money to buy a costume I'd use for one year, so I thought I would make one my own.
I have a referee shirt, a nerd shirt, nerd glasses, a whistle, i have security stuff, i have a long sleeve male dress shirt, I have old dresses.

Anything I could make out of any of these or anything I would need to buy?

Well you could be a reff and have black soffees and sneakers and a whistle. You could be a nerd with all the nerd stuff

How to make a homemade ballerina halloween costume for a adult?

I'm thinking about being a ballerina for halloween this year and need ideas on how to make the outfit or where i get the items i need. What do i need for the ballerina outfit if i do just go buy the items? What are some website i can go to so i can look at the items also. Thank you to all who help out with this one.

Take look at girlynightout! here are a couple of links i think will help! (tutus) (legwarmers) (actual costume) (ballerina socks) (headwear) (lashes) Hope this helpsxxx

How to turn a kids radio flyer wagon into a zoo cage for halloween?

My daughters are going to be animals for halloween and. I want to turn our wagon into a cage and be able to pull them around but I dont know how to make one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

To be honest, I'd just borrow a large dog crate from a neighbor and strap it down on the wagon. Heck of a lot easier than building a fake cage. But if you'd rather do it the hard way, 1/4 inch PVC pipe makes excellent bars. All you'd have to do is find a way to secure them to the wagon. I'd bolt them in myself, but I'm assuming you want the wagon to go back to being a wagon after Halloween. Probably the easiest way to make it temporary would be to make a lightweight wood frame for the top and bottom, use a hole saw or paddle bit to drill out some 1/4 inch holes and run the PVC through it. Hot glue them so they don't slide, and then attach to the wagon however you like (duct tape would certainly work, but if you don't care for the idea of removing the sticky residue later, try a couple of tiedown straps. Most hardware stores have them in the automotive department).

How to take pictures in a haunted house?

We run a haunted house that goes around our yard, and we run the controls out of our house. We really want to take souviner pictures for people but i dont know how to hook the camera up to take the pictures. Any ideas?

Try the logitech security system. They have a night vision camera that takes video and pictures. It sends them over the powerline so you can have the camera plugged in one room and then get the pictures on a computer in another room. It's very easy to set up.

How to make a similar costume to Effie trinket in hunger games help?

I need help making the rose that Effie Trinket wears in the hunger games. I want to dress like her or at least like the people from the Capitol. I have been looking everywhere for tutorials on how to do the rose and the sleeves but none of them help. Can you please give me any advice or tips?

i dont know how "make it" but from what it looks like, here's my suggestion (btw huge huge hunger games fan xD) so get some fake rose petals of that color (if you cant find one of that color than choose either a dark pink or red color, and im assuming you mean the rose she wore on reaping day). buy lots, so you can build up the size of the rose. starting from the inside, build your rose (you could probably connect them together using hot glue) fold the petals on the inside together to form the middle. then after that layer, build around that middle layer, but this time, fray it out so its big. use a couple of layers "circles" whatever so its a big and impressive size. and if you want to put it in your hair, attach a barrette (again using hot glue) to the bottom of rose. and as for the sleeves, the best advice i can give you is using a puffy material and then attaching it to the rest of the sleeve. i recommend sort of a denim, jean kind of looking of a material because that is what it looks like effie is wearing. thats my recommendation on trying to look like effie. but for a capitol citizen in genral here's my recommendation. makeup and wigs are the key. as for makeup i think you should put a layer of foundation, underneath. then using either blush or shimmer powder (preferably one of a specific color, like a powdery blue or something to that effect, the crazier the color the better.) then eye shadow. put on a darker than the shimmer powder hue around your eyes. using eyeliner, create a little design near your eye. for your lips use a bold color. for wigs/hair get a big poofy poofy wig that is preferably colored but stands out,. for hair, well, thats what they invented hairspray for. i hope i helped :)

How To Dress Like Bellatrix Lestrange For Halloween?

I know it's early for halloween but i just feel that i need to save my money for it so i need to know what to buy or make. Please help me.

Costumes: how to make: /

How to make a homemade toga?

I have Spirit Week coming up soon and seniors have the lovely privilege of having a Toga Day!!
So ideas/suggestions?
Please and Thank You!

how about this video it say goddess costume but it is the same for a toga this two i hope this helped

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