How to wear briefs in the locker room without anyone finding out?

I wear white briefs, and don't want to take the chance of being teased!

They are immature. Just call them perverts or be the better person and ignore it.

How to get kids easy to adopt his first couple kindergarten days?

My kid went to kindergarten since last week, but he is quite relying on me or his Grandma. How to help him to adopt the independent school life?

yeagh to adop t his speacil days are impretnert around here

How to creatively tell our son he's going to Disney for his 6th Birthday?

Our 6 year old son wants nothing more than to go to Disney for his 6th Birthday, so his Dad and I are making his dreams come true! We live in Florida not too far from Disney, so we plan on driving. Our plan is to pick him up from school, and tell him that we're going somewhere, but that it's a surprise. Sometime during our drive down there we want to tell him where we're going, but in a creative way. Any ideas?

I would buy him a Mickey t-shirt and wrap it. When he opens it, point at it and tell him - "that's where we are going!" Pause for a moment then enjoy the total freak out session to fallow. He can wear his new Mickey shirt to Disney World! And always have something cool to remind him of how excited he was. Grab some brochures to- so he can mull over them between the opening of the t-shirt and the actual trip.

How to stop my Autistic son from grabbing me when driving?

He's a thirteen year old boy and every time we stop at a red light, he gets angry and begins to pull and grab at my hair until the light turns green. How can we stop this? Is there something we can do with his hands? I don't know if it's legal in the state of North Carolina to subdue his hands some kind of way. Please help.

Thank you

Write him a social story with plenty of picture illustrations. You need to explain to him very clearly the rules of the road for safe driving as a passenger in your car. Students with Autism are very visual learners. Make sure that whatever you write has images associated with it or the message might not get through.

How to show my mom pictures of my 11 year old sister having cyber sex?

So my sister made a Facebook account for her sim character and on there she was having "sex" with 2 girls who she doesn't know in real life, she also went into pretty graphic detail. I want to show my mom these pictures that I took of her conversation but I'm not sure how to show her? I was planning on showing her tomorrow because I know what my sister is doing isn't right, she's only 11! Please help.

You definitely need to bring it to your mothers attention. Because something needs to be done about that. Your sister may be mad at first but it is the right thing to do and it could potentially save her from a lot of the creeps that ate on Facebook. She will forgive you once she matures a little bit and realize how wrong it is.

How to tutor a 5-year-old boy that is hyper?

I starting tutoring a kid in French, he is very sweet but a little hyper. What are some methods to teach him? I try to use games and drawing to interest him. After a half-hour he is a little restless and starts changing the subject and looking at different things in the room and can't concentrate.
Thank you!

Set up a reward system. If he is able to sit through a lesson, give him a little prize. I find stickers or little toys from the dollar store work best. Good luck.

How to punish my thirteen year old daughter?

I homeschooled my daughter until she was 13 and then sent her to school for grade 8. We've always had a very close relationship and she used to behave really well. But today I got a call from the principal saying she was sent to the office for goofing off too much in school. How can I punish her without hurting our relationship? (I've never had to before). She already does lots around the house (cleaning, ect) to be nice to me to help out, so making her do house work isn't an option.

No need to punish. This is an excellent learning opportunity for your child. Life is about choices and your daughter made a bad choice and was sent to the office. Since this is school related explain to her that the school talked to her and that you are disappointed that they had to do that. Being her first time let it slide, but be sure to tell her that this is the only time you will let it slide. Tell her you trust her to make the right decision. She is smart enough to know what is right and wrong. This sets up a moral dilemma the next time she is confronted with this behavior. If the problem persists, then you need to think of consequences. You need to make sure that you enforce them as well. You have already let it slide because you trusted her, now she needs to earn it back. (more moral dilemmas) Taking things away, time with friends, discussing with both the teacher and child (how embarrassing for her) can work. Sometimes utter disappointment works just as well. I don't know your daughter, you do. You will know what consequences work. Just make sure that the consequence fits the crime. Bad at school - do dishes? does not correlate. Bad at school - write an apology letter and spend the night working on future assignments or extra work... that seems to send the message home. good luck!

How to teach a 5 year old not to break toys?

What is the best way to teach a 5 year old to take care of her toys? I have tried taking them away, doesn't work, making her earn them, seems like a toy lasts for two weeks at the most. I am tired of spending money on them.

Monkey SEE Monkey Do! This is kinda what I do at my house. When I "show" respect for my things it demonstrates the expected behavior. At this point, she should be at an age where she has toys that she really can learn from and have fun with and ADORES - so removal of that toy will bring on a consequence. My five year old is BIG into horses. We have so much stuff in the horse theme - when I find the toys strewn across the floor, left forgotten for the dogs to enjoy ( they seem to love chewing on the legs)...I scoop them up into a plastic bin and they are gone. I notice awhile later my 5 year old is pursuing me, red faced, looking for her toy horses. I mention that the horses where left out and not being used properly - well, this usually works. I take a moment to say, that toys are a gift to us, but they are also a responsibility and they need a proper HOME. I use this moment to communicate that if the horses are damaged they are gone and will not be replaced - no yelling, no power struggle, just plain reality. I've been doing the 'Plastic Bin Confiscation' routine for a short time and it seems to be working. Most of the time, kids this age need less than more :) Good Luck...I find age 5 to be an interesting age!! :)

How to entertain a 10 year old girl while babysitting?

I'm a 16 year old girl and tomorrow i'm babysitting an 8 year old girl and a 10 year old girl and I have no idea what little girls in that age group are into nowadays :/
They live close to a park but are they too old to want to play on playgrounds? I'm babysitting them during the day so I want them to be active and outdoors and stuff. Any suggestions?

teach them how to pick up boys

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