How to provide money for a NGO to educate people on birth control in Central asia?

I am doing a project for my humanities class and it's an NGO. I have to do an outline that has information on funds that would be used to educate people on birth contol in a country in central Asia but I have no idea what I could do. Ok thanks!

you start a fundraiser.

How to be good in economics and politics?

I really want to become good in these two areas so whenever I'd watch the news or read newspaper, I will easily understand the current issues. What materials should I read and where do I start?

Sell your soul. Throw all morals out the window. :) Read the wealthy barber and the economist.

How to overthrow the ruling party from power? If they control more than 90 % of parliamentary seats?

It is a pity indeed. They get only 60 percent of votes in every district but 90 percent of seats, simply because if there are more than 50 percent votes per district, they win.

The unions are controlled by them too.

Politics is all a bout struggle that is why mao zedoug say it is war without bloodshed, you struggle to get what you want, how,when, and were its all depend on your determination to achieve your alms therefore you win by how you struggle,politic is generally authoratative allocation of value.

How to get my birth certificate within 5 days without using a service?

If I order my birth certificate from the state agency it might take anywhere from 15-45 days to process and be returned to me. However, I have heard that some "expediting" companies can get it in as little as 2-3 days? How are they doing this? I don't want to pay a company if I can do the same thing myself.

Also, my birth certificate is in another state so going in person is not an option.

A person can usually get their birth certificates more quickly by contacting the county clerk's office in the county of their birth. Google for address and costs and save yourself money by doing it yourself. If a company can expedite a request it probably means that they have an employee who goes to the state office on a daily basis to pick up documents.

How to get your mail to be delivered to a post office and not your home address?

Hello everyone!

I hope I could get some help from people who know how the mail system works in the UK.

Is it possible in the UK to receive a package or a letter directly to your local post office instead of your home address? The thing is that I do not want to give my home address to one person but I need to receive a letter from him. Is it possible to have it delivered to my local post office address but not my home address?

Thank you in advance!

You get a PO box at the post office.

How to mail a letter from my home town but have a different state on postage?

Hi my sister is having twins in two months and she is a single mom. I offer her money but she refuses to take . I want to mail her an anonymous money order to her from a different state so maybe she will except the money. Does anyone know how to mail something so the post mark is differnt and she would not expect itfrom me? Please help

just give her tons of of money on different gift-giving holidays

How to find out if husband is eligible for house arrest on ab 109 realignment ?

He is already in wayside. Serving on a non violent crime, been down since march got sentenced to 3 years with half in county jail. How do i find out if he is eligible for house arrest any time soon? Phone number website anything!!!


How to send mail to family members of soldiers?

Ok, so this person is not in the army and I know their first and last name and their dad is a soldier but I don't know their address, so I was wondering if I could send a letter though the army to them.? Sorry if it's confusing, but please tell me if its possible and if so how to do it. Thanks :) xx

If you can find out the father's address (or where he's stationed), you can send it to them care of (c/o) their father. It'll take longer to actually get to them, but if that's the only way to get it to them, then that's what you have to do.

How to apply for a green card for one girl child in India?

There is an incentive of National Population Commission, India to provide a green card to "either the husband or the wife undergoing vasectomy or tubectomy after one or two children". How do I apply for it?
I live in Orissa. The State Government has provision for such a scheme.

I don't know but I am curious about the question. "Green cards" for the US sadly don't have such a condition but applications for them can be requested from the US consulate in India, I believe. Is that a requirement within India? I wish we had it in the US. The Euro-cultures here had reached zero population growth decades ago but overpopulating immigrants have destroyed that. By far the greatest number of them are from Latin America, not India or elsewhere.

How to get media out of the presidential elections using their bias?

So sick of those in the media using their influence to promote their favorite presidential candidate. How can a law be passed that those in the media can only report real news like who won the election!

What would the language be in a policy that regulated journalistic bias be? Lets try to be practical here. Everybody has a certain type of influence, bias is inevitable. We are humans not robots. No one is forced to watch a certain channel or read a certain paper. It is up to Americans to choose thier canidates through all of the "BS". There are many sources on the web, bi-partisan institutions and government data collection groups are a couple. Would you vot for someone just because your favorite newsreporter says too? Or are you more swayed by TV ads and the millions, now close to a billion, of dollars being waged by disclosed sources?

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