How to get to Glasgow Airport from Paisley Gilmour Street and back?


On the 9th I have to go to Glasgow Airport to pick someone up since it's their first time around here. I can't drive so I'll be going by train and would arrive in Paisley just around 6am.

I've never done this before so what are the best ways to get to the airport and back? How does the bus route work or how much does a taxi cost? Any information is appreciated since I am really unfamiliar with this, only ever gotten the train straight to Glasgow Central.

Thanks in advance for any information given.

McGills run a frequent bus - 66 from Gilmour Street to the airport - during the day these run every ten minutes, with one at 6.01 and then one at 7.06: There are also buses from central Glasgow: If you are not familiar with Gilmour Street, see: You may want to ask at the station about combined rail and bus tickets.

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