How to draw a slope on graph paper with a protractor?

It's for my geography project and I have given distances and slope angles.

Mark a corner of one square in your graph paper. Place the protractor on the graph with the bottom line of the protractor matching a line upon which you have made your mark and ensure that the centre of the bottom line of your protractor is over the mark. On the curved part of your protractor, decide as to at how many degrees you wish to put the other end of the slope that you are trying to make. Mark the point on the graph by the curve of the protractor and write a note of the degrees chosen. Remove the protractor and draw your line between your two marks and a second line from your first line along the line of the graph upon which the base line of the protractor was resting. You now have a base line and a slope an a note as to the degrees of the slope.

How to download village boundaries from the Buvan geo-portal service created by the Indian govt?

Bhuvan is an Indian rival to the Google Earth. They village boundaries for each state. Is there a way to download these village boundaries in shapefile or any other format?

your best bet is try another section

How to put the distance formula 1 and 2 numbers in microsoft word?

I know ALT + 227 is the pi symbol, i'm looking for answers like that.

In the distance formula, you have (X1+X2), but the 1 and 2 are smaller and a little under the X, so what are the shortcut keys i need to put them? Thanks for any answers!

Highligh 1, right click, choose font, tick subscript.

How to solve this height of elevation prolem?

A surveyor finds that the angle of elevation to the top of a 1000 foot tower is 67 degrees.

--To the mearest foot, how far is the surveyor fromt the base of the tower?
--how far back do u have to stand for the angle of elevation to change to 55 degrees?

AAS: Sine Law: Sin(A)/a = Sin(B)/b sides: 1000, 1086.360377405, 424.47481621 angles: 67°, 90°, 23° is a right scalene triangle area: 212237.408104802 perimeter: 2510.835193615 (x,y) Vertices: (0,0), (1000,0), (0,424.47481621) -- 424.47481621 feet -- 700.20753821 feet

How to convert latitude and longitude in Degree Minutes Seconds to metric coordinates in MUTM system?

I am looking at Topographical maps of Nepal. I like to convert the degree minute second system to use it in GIS.

The referenced website contains the equations and examples of this type of conversion. ---------------------------- I hope this is helpful.

How to find one side of a triangle which is partitioned by a parallel line to the base?

ABC is a triangle. You are given AB, AC and BC. DE is parallel to BC. You are also given the area ratio between ADE and BDEC. You have to find the value of AD.

hi I needed 2 points

How to find coordinates of third point if two point coordinates and angle is known?

.How to find coordinates of Point C if Point A and Point B is known, angle between AB and AC is known, and distance between A and C is known too. I will really appreciate if somebody could help me with that.Thanks!!!!!!!!!

You should ask this question in the mathematics section.;_ylt=AkwFasKduBADguExxiObZzvEDH1G;_ylv=3?sid=396545161

How to stay cool in summer before air conditioning is invented?

how did people stay cool before air conditioning is invented? For example when people colonized Southern US, how do they stay cool during the hot summer?

They looked for shade. There wasn't really anything they could do, but then, like the people who living in hot African countries today without air conditioning, they were used to the heat because they were born there.

How to practically ensure acceptance to west point/ Annapolis?

What are some of the best extracurricular activities to take, how many a good competitive sat score, basically how do I look better on paper for west point.

Show that you are al leader and that you excel in physical and mental tests. For example: quarterback of your H.S. Football team Track team Eagle Scout etc. I hope this is helpful

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