How to apply partner visa for Australia?

I am separated for 7 years and having 2 daughters within that marriage, this point in time I have an Aussie partner and we are in a De Facto relationship for more than a year now. We are planning to go on Partner Visa, what chances we can get to have a Partner Visa grant?

Where do you live? If you live in the States, you are still legally married, therefore without a proper divorce and establishment of child custody and whether or not you can take them out of the state to live, let alone another country will be a whole different issue. With out knowing where you currently live, can not really advice you, so, I suggest you obtain a good divorce lawyer and begin proceedings, you might be living with another man but you are not legally divorced and child arrangements are not determined, you can not legally be married to two people at the same time in the U.S.---but, you know this already, if this is where you live. Other wise--Ozmaniac has given you all the information which you need.

How to get rid of currawongs?

I dread spring in our garden when wattle birds silvereyes and peewees are raising their nestlings and then filthy murderous #%&!* currawongs come in and carry the babies off. One meal for those scum and their devil's spawn but a whole generation of other birds wiped out.
This year I want to be ready for those *@%&# vermin.

Yes, they are absolute buggers. If there are currawongs around, there are virtually no smaller birds. Very hard to scare them off without scaring off the others too. All I can think of is to disrupt them as they're building their nests (slingshot?), but if the nests are off your property they will still view your block as part of their territory. Another thought I've just had is to provide nesting boxes for the smaller species (I don't know any specifics, but some may use them). I really love native birds, but currawongs are best seen at someone else's place.

How to track parcels being sent from Italy to Australia?

Somebody is sending me a parcel from Italy and gave me the tracking number. Is there anyway to use this tracking number?

I would doubt it. Anything sent to Australia from the US with a tracking number stops updating the moment it leaves their shores Any tracking updates will only be available via the Italia Post website, they may have a English translation available. Google it or visit the UPU website (Universal Postal Union), they will have a link to Italian Post under the member countries heading

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