How do men naturally know how to please us women so well in bed? Why's it so natural to them?

Most men know how to satisfy a woman even if they've never had any sexual experience before. Thus, how do they know so instinctivwly what pleasures us ladies and how to go about it?

Sorry, answering this question would break the honour code of the Brotherhood of Handsome Studs.

How to become a woman and great better half?

I grew up not knowing how to be a "woman". I just want to know what that really means and am I on the right track.

All you have to do in life is be yourself...not someone society wants you to be. You will never satisfy everyone, so you might as well be yourself and be happy.

How to avoid getting sweaty in my shorts while working out?

When ever i work out i get really sweaty especially near my bum. Is there a way to avoid it?

my troll answer is to wear pants , that eliminates the "short" fraction of the problem . my regular answer is to ..... not worry about

How to tell if someone is a Hypersexual?

I like this girl and I think shes a Hyper sexual. If I had a girlfriend (sex partner) how could I tell if she was a Hyper sexual or not?

If the first thing she does to you as you walk through the door is pounce on you, half naked and crazy, and pin you to the nearest walll

How to gain confidence to propose to a random girl?

Like I see a girl in the street and I like her. How to gain confidence to stop her a little while, talk and propose to her?

confidence is not something that u can store and use. its a state of mind. and it stand for a greater purpose than impressing a woman in the street. dress up nice . dont talk rubbish . dont flirt. say goodbye befroe she says it. that sould give it some edge for first impression.

How to get revenge on an evil woman?

She has complete control over my life and I can't get her mad or leave right now, but I need some sort of fairly mild but unpleasant revenge on her without her finding out it wasn't a coincidence.

Revenge serves no constructive purpose and lessens the character of those who do it. Take steps to minimize contact to eventually writing her out of your life. At some point in the future when she is out of your life, maybe you could calmly write her a short note explaining without calling her names why she is evil and why you never want to have contact and what she did to you. Leave no forwarding address and explain this as well. Perhaps in your last sentence you could let loose with some biting words that show her how horrible she is as a person. Enjoy

How to start a magazine featuring college girls?

I want to start a magazine aiming at the late-30s to 40s male market. My magazine will be about college girls. It will contain sexy pictures of girls in the local campuses. Interviews with them. Sugardaddy needs/meets. I want to get advertisers on board and circulate the magazine throughout my city. What are some of the steps I would need to take to begin? Im 25 years old and ambitious.

Decide specifically on content. Decide what resources are needed to get that content (who will interview, cost of hiring them, photography costs, etc.) Find who can print the magazines for you and at what costs per run. Determine total costs based on the above. Decide how much of the cost of production you wish to cover by cover price and what percent by advertising. Figure out how you will distribute the magazine. If you want local retailers to provide, it ask them if they will and find out what their discount rates are as well as what return policies they will accept. (Likely they'll only pay you for what they actually sell, and it will be up to you to pick up any unsold inventory). Figure out what kind of adds you wish to run and approach perspective advertisers. Lastly, most likely conclude, it's much more difficult and risky than you ever imagined and most likely not worth the risk. ~

How to read facial expressions or and emotions?

I would love to know how facial expressions work because i love watching plays and they don't tell you how they our feeling and i don't get much of it. Sad Happy Mad and Scared from real people and anything will help, thank you

Not all people are naturals like me at reading these things from people. So, I'd either suggest you start interacting with a lot of people every day. Or, read the book « What everyBODY is saying » by Joe Navarro. There are over 100 pictures in it too.

How to know if a friendly and outgoing man is having a crush on a woman?

I think it is really difficult to tell if a man is friendly and outgoing.Thanks.

I agree I've been around lots of guys like that and it is real hard to tell because they are outgoing

How to pose as a man and get the girl? Is this even legal?

So many hotties are straight. Is it legal to dress/disguise as a guy and get a girl (without her knowing)? Will I be arrested if I get caught?

I'm pretty sure your lack of a penis will be a heads up, and lets not forget she can probably sue for a plethora of mental issues you might cause. What you're doing is wrong, if I was dating a guy who turned out to be some Psycho-Stalker-Chick, I'd probably pull a knife on you and call the cops..

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