How to win my dream of winning the powerball?

I have always wanted to win the powerball and I know the odds are highly impossible. Is their anyway to increase my chances tremendoulsly for free no with no scams and without buying 1000000 tickets?

Simple - go back to sleep. Seriously. Even if you DID buy a million tickets, you STILL would almost certainly NOT win the jackpot!!! It's only a 1 out of 176 million to win it! Honest to God, here's the truth: You could buy 50 tickets each and every week for the next 70 years of your life, and you would still have, for all practical purposes, ZERO chance of ever hitting ANY lottery jackpot. It's not a "fun" truth, but it's the truth nonetheless, I promise you. ANYONE who tells you they have a system that can help you gain even the slightest advantage in winning a jackpot is either lying to you so they can sell you their crap system, or they are a complete idiot, or both. By the way, here is the good news: If and when you ever finally accept the fact that you will NEVER, EVER win any sort of lottery jackpot, then you can start focusing on REAL ways to improve your life and improve your chances at real happiness in this world. Some folks never let go of the fantasy of a lottery jackpot, and they stay miserable their entire lives because they can't imagine any other way to make a happy life.

How to restore scratch off tickets to reusable state?

I guess i should add that this is for an elderly stroke victim, who is making unreasonable demands for endless amounts of lottery tickets. This is to placate him, without spending thousands of dollars recklessly. My idea is to cut out the center part of a used ticket place it over another used ticket, and paint over it with some kind of childrens non toxic paint. Something that will scratch off.Oh, and I intend to let him win, pretty often.

How sad.. Talk with 'em about "limits" Heck it's his money right? I do know what your talking about. Their whole area turns gray from that scratch off chit. Make sure you go through all the old tickets.. He will probably miss some winners. To answer your question? I know of no way to rejuvenate old tickets.

How to transfer winning to bank account with William Hill online betting?

Hi, I won a bet with William Hill online earlier on Liverpool vs Everton. I won, and just curious on how to transfer these funds in to my bank account? I heard that you go to withdraw funds and did this, it took it from my william hill balance but it isn't in my bank account, or does it take a few days to go in, did I do it correctly? I would really appreciate some help thanks in advance :)

The winnings will go into your account a short time after the event (they should be there now!).

How to tell a fake Ticketmaster concert ticket from a real one?

Will be purchasing 2 tickets for a concert from Craigslist/Kijiji/Ebay, is there any way to tell whether or not the tickets are real prior to purchasing?
ie- if they're fake, is there something in particular to look out for?

Unfortunately, you take your chances on the secondary market, technically, the tickets aren't supposed to be resold. Most of the fraud prevention measures would be so they can test them at the gates, such as ripping them to see if they have extra layers inside. They try to not tell everyone about the measures they've taken so that no one will know what to copy so you'll be hard pressed to find a way to guarantee it's genuine.

How to play the mega millions lottery in Wisconsin?

I a friend of mine asked me how to play the mega millions in Wisconsin I didn't know how play it so I was wondering if anyone knows how to play it or have played it before.

1. Go somewhere that sells tickets, most gas stations and a lot of grocery stores sell them 2. You have 2 options when purchasing your ticket/tickets. First you can choose your own numbers, in the store there will be slips and you fill it out with your chosen numbers and then the clerk will run it through the computer and print out your ticket. Your other option is just walking up to the clerk and asking for the quick pick option, with this option the lottery computer will randomly choose your numbers for you. If you don't know you choose or receive 6 numbers, 5 regular numbers between 1-56 and one Mega ball number between 1-46 3. After you have your ticket/tickets you can watch the drawing on TV, get the results online at the Wisconsin Lottery site several hours after the drawing or the next day/days, or even take it to a place that sells tickets and they will check it for you. I recommend the first two options.

How to win a online giveaway or sweepstake.?

Like how does the sweepstake or giveaway process work, how do the givers choose a winner. Have you won a online giveaway?

I suppose all is depends on luck! Sometime, some of them are true but some is not. How about try to win contest online? You can find lots of them in Those are more trust able then those giveaway!

How to find a good slot machine?

I want to go to Shreveport for our anniversary. I only allow myself one or two hundred dollars. Anybody know where the loosest slots are and how to pick them out? Should I sit down at one and lose my money all in one place? I really love these games but would like to win. All tips will be appreciated. We usually go to Horseshoe but it's been years.

I can't name any specific casinos or machines as the payback percentages vary wildly even inside a single casino, but I've worked in a casino (not Shreveport) for 15 years so I can give you a few tips: -If you want the best chance of winning while still having the potential for a jackpot you can brag to your friends about, find a machine with jackpot of around $2,000 for a nickel machine or $5,000-10,000 for a quarter machine. The larger the jackpot the worse the normal paytable and the more likely you are to lose in the short term. -Stick with nickel machines that have a reasonable max bet per spin. The penny machines with a 100 betting lines that end up costing $1 a spin will bleed you dry. They also tend to have their payback percentages set very low. Don't bet less than the max bet if you can avoid it. It will only end in tears if you would have hit the progressive. -If you like to drink, play a slot somewhat near the high limit bar, if they have one. If you're lucky you'll get a high limit server and they generally have the better booze. -Get a player's card, use it, and don't be afraid to ask for a comp. You should at least be able to grab a free buffet from your play. If you don't earn enough, you can toss the card when you leave and the next time they'll print you a new one, your points still intact. If you don't want the all promotional mail, don't provide an email address and ask them not to send you mail (they take your address from your ID). -Above all, play the machines that look fun. The payback percentages are only going to vary by a few percent. It's better to have fun playing a machine you enjoy than to play one you don't just for a 1% higher payback. Good luck! P.S. There's a common myth that the machines that hit the most jackpots go on the aisle and/or in high traffic areas. Nowadays the fancy machines with the giant screens and mini-games (like Star Wars) go in those areas.

How to check amount of chips on pokerstars?

I've been playing pokerstars lately with fake money not real money but I've been wondering how you can check the total amount of chips you have. It tells me sometimes when i get to choose how many chips to bring at a table but can you check it from the lobby or another way anytime you want. Thanks in advance!

As the others said, it is listed in the cashier. I will just add that if you downloaded your software from Pokerstars.NET, there will be no cashier. If this is the case, uninstall the software you have now, then go to Pokerstars.COM and download that software, install it, and login with your regular username. The cashier will then appear.

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