How to find out how talented a race driver I am?

How can I see how talented a race driver I am, I have not much previous experience, but want to start single seater racing (in intersteps championship). My fastest lap at Warden Law kart track (in a hire kart) is 0.59.236, if that helps.

hey dude! i am just like you we both want to get into the intersteps championship but let me guess your low on funds? have you tried racing in the British Rental Karting Championship i'm in there next year it is the best to test your skill also helps with publicity a bit gets you noticed. also a talented race driver is not just born over night, sure your good but so am i I've beaten the 26th placed karter in the world in a friendly race, it takes lots of practice also know your kart! read books on how to do the best racing line and all that (trust me it helps) if your interested about the BRKC go to the website and talk to Bradly i'm driver 30 by the way good luck hope this helps

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