How to respond to questions during fast food job an interview?

if he asks me a question how do i respond, Please give examples.

typically if you show up fully dressed and can spell your name you get the job

How to calm yourself before a job interview?

It's not a professional career job, just a Subway. Any tips or suggestions to keep myself calm and level-headed?

Try to follow Mind Fullness. Do not go on thinking about possible questions. As suggested listen music. Before entering the interview hall take two / three deep breathing. ( slowly inhaling - 4 Seconds and slowly exhaling 4 Seconds ) this will keep you cool. Answer with smiling face.

How to get a waitressing job without experience?

I've only had one job, but I've worked at Papa Johns as an instore for over two years. My main job is to deal and talk with customers, so will that help at all? I'm 19. Average looking. I just need to make more money.

Its fine to work at a restaurant even without any experience at all. Just know what are your customers needs. Make them satisfied whenever you serve them . Smile and greet them nicely. Everything work out in the end.

How to quit my job on good terms?

I work at a grocery store in the deli, and I hate my job, so I'm quitting today. I'm giving my manager a one week notice, but how do I actually quit? What do I say? I don't want to burn my bridges with them but I just have a feeling they're going to be pissed because I just went on vacation and I haven't even been at the job for more than 90 days.

One week notice isn't enough to leave on good terms, should be 2 weeks.

How to prepare yourself for a job interview?

I have 2 job interviews coming up and I am very nerveous. I really want the job and want to show the employer I am right for it.
Any advice ?

Dress smartly but comfortably Be at least 10 mins early (check where the office is the day before to be sure you can find it) Do some research on the company, even knowing a bit will make a good impression and show you've made an effort Try to relax and be yourself, most interviews come down to the impression you make personally as much as experience Don't ask about the salary. The appropriate time to talk about that is if they make you an offer

How to become a server for a catering business?

I would like to become a server for a catering business in Atlanta during the Summer. How would I approach this especially since I have so experience?

Google catering in Atlanta

How to be a good waitress when I'm not comfortable infront of a lot of people.?

I like people but more one on one. How could I become a well-liked waitress & remember the orders?? I would be nervous, have a hard time communicating & remembering orders, especially w/ lots of people. Any tips?

I am very shy and socially awkward, but I kick butt at being a waitress. When I stumble over my words or my voice cracks I laugh and make a joke about myself. But honestly, the number on thing is kids, at least in a family chain like where I work. If you make the kids happy, you make the parents happy and it is so much easier not to be shy to kids because they are always friendly and open. When you start out you will always write the orders down and most places have a pivot point system so anyone, not just you, can run the food and know who it goes to. Remembering drinks is really the hardest part, you don't want to ask someone what they are drinking everything you get them a new drink.

How to find summer jobs as a 15 year old teen in California?

I have a 15 yr old friend who gets paid "over the counter" for being a bus girl for a restaraunt. She gets a ton of money because she gets a % of tips.

How could I find a job? Should i ask family owned restaraunts?

What the hell, since when do bus girls get tips?

How to be a chef if almost allergic to everything?

Can I still be a chef if I'm allergic to almost everything. Do chefs have to taste their food because i really want to be a chef and I do want to go to college for it. I just hope you don't have to taste anything because I'm literally almost allergic to everything.

No, you can't be a chef if you are allergic to everything. Chefs (at least the good ones) taste everything that comes out of their kitchen. And people with food allergies generally can't be exposed to the food they are allergic to.

How to apply for a job without any former experience?

I want to apply for a job as a barista. Overall, my CV is full of details on how competent I am, however, I do not have any former experience in the coffee business. How can I put that into words?

ELABORATE ON EVERYTHING, watch the simpsons, i remember theres a good episode where lisa does that

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