How to apply for financial aide when your mother is on disability?

Do I estimate her income? (Meaning taking the amount she gets per month and multiplying it by the months of the year she received it) or is there some type of document I need. Obviously she does not use tax returns because she doesnt pay taxes but is there some other type of paper she gets that I need her income info from?

It's always best to start at the beginning: Go to your school's financial aid office.

How to answer question about my experience in sales ledger if I don`t have such?

I have Accounting degree but have never worked in finance. I have no practical experience at all with sales and purchase ledgers. I want to apply for accounts assistant role but one of the unessential criteria is experience in ledgers.
How do I go with this?

Presumably you can talk about what you have studied in relations to sales and purchase ledgers, working capital management (though they may not want anyone with that level of knowledge so play it by ear), sales ledger reconciliation (again, may not be what they want), managing 'collection days', credit control debt recovery and the like. From my experience in sales ledger work, a knowledge of the systems underpinning the sales process is useful, from order placement to order confirmation, despatch to confirmation of receipt. Then it would probably help to have some idea of what you can and can't do to recover overdue accounts. I am not sure of the extent to which such areas will have been covered in an accounting degree course but I'd imagine they were at least touched on.

How to show a financial statement from a bank account?

Hi everyone, I am applying for a visa and they want to see a financial statement with at least $2,500 in my bank account over the last 3 months. How do I get this financial statement without showing them my personal information from my account? Thanks!

Answer: NOT proceed with this! I have a Visa and NEVER had to submit a financial statement or supply my banking information.

How to start up your own small accounting business?

I'm taking online classes for Business Management, I have accounting classes obviously in this course, but what I would like to know is, could I start up my own accounting business for filing personal taxes for people with just an associates degree? If so how can I start out? Thanks!

Starting a small business requires determination, motivation, and know-how. Here are the critical steps to provide you with the know-how to have a successful small business startup:..................... Identify Your Business Opportunity: Build a Business Plan: Find Start-up Money: Name Your Business: Choose a Business Structure: Get Your Business License and Permits: Set Up & Determine Your Business Location: Get Business Insurance: Create an Accounting System:

How to negotiate salary during a job offer over the phone?

If the job description says $45-$55k and they offer me $45k (or lower), what do I say? I don't meet 100% of the qualifications, but I know I am an excellent FIT for the job. Should I ask for something higher like $55k (which I would love), or should I keep it somewhere around $52ish?

Get as much as you can, but if you aren't an exact job fit (which most people aren't) don't expect to get 55k. You need to look at what your equity is. If you are currently making 48k, it's fair and reasonable to ask for 5-10% more than you are currently making, so it would be okay to ask for 52k. If you are currently making 45k, you should probably ask for 50k and accept 48k. Do you follow? Get benefits information from them so you can compare it to your current position. If the benefit this company offers are less that what you are currently getting you can certainly negotiate for more salary based on that. Plus, don't forget to negotiate other things like: extra vacation time, paid cobra until benefits kick in, a signing bonus. Companies generally prefer to pay the one time things over extra salary. If the range is 45-55k, I don't expect that they would offer anything lower than 45k.

How to get a first job with no job references?

I have two children ages 21 and 27 who have never had to work before due to having received money from an accident settlement a few years ago. They suddenly find themselves unable to get hired for even entry level positions, they just want the basic $8 an hour unskilled labor job nothing fancy but without the work references that most young people get in their teens and early twenties they are having no luck getting hired anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions? What do they write on the job applications under previous employment? You cannot really write none or leave it blank.

If they went to college, they could use professors or department heads as references. If they spent any time at all volunteering or doing community work, they can use references from that experience also. The best bet, if time is not a factor, would be for them to volunteer at a community center, or hospital, etc. so that they can gain experience and references. Even six months to a year would be better than nothing, and they might even find the experience rewarding in other ways.

How to start to work as a bank teller?

My daughter is trying to get a job as a bank teller. She would like to know something about working there in detail. That would be much appreciated if any friend online could tell a tiny bit about his or her experience there. Thanks.

Okay let me tell you from experience that she will definitely need some sort of cash handling/customer service experience. This job requires that you are at least 18 years old..and have a decent knowledge of math skills. I worked as a bank teller for over two years ( a senior/lead teller for one of those years..) and it can be a stressful job--especially because what they don't tell you at the job interview is that they do expect you to sell. So if your daughter is willing to both process transactions correctly, be very friendly, a people person and sale products at the same time...then she will excel at this position. Like I said it can be stressful, but if it paid better I would make it a career. It is easy (once you get the hang of it...), fun, interesting to say the least, as well as sometimes challenging. While it can become mundane (like any job...) it is also one of the best jobs because you tend to bond with the other tellers and make good friends while working there. It can be scary (robberies, threats, etc) but as long as you don't take it personally and do your job the right way everything will be okay. It is hard to advance in banking though, unless you choose the right bank. I would recommend Wells Fargo as far as advancement opportunities...but to start out Bank of America is great. Another tip: They will probably not hire her full time starting out, it will most likely be an hourly position==20 hours or less per week until she learns the ropes and positions open up.

Any ideas on how to get started working from home without getting screwed over?

I need help on getting started on working from home. I am not going to pay a ton of money to get started. That is just stupid. If I need to buy supplies then thats fine but I am not just giving a company money and never seeing it again. Please help if you have any ideas. There are people out there that work from home and make a good living, I just don't know any personally. Thanks for your help.

Do you have any specialized skills? An advanced degree? I work from home but I am a specialized consultant -- sometimes I have to suit up and go see clients, travel, attend meetings, etc. But usually I can perform all of my responsibilities from my home, on my computer and with my phone. I know others working from home that are also specialized consultants, ranging from attorneys to information systems programmers. These situations seem to have evolved to work-at-home careers -- rather than jobs you can apply for and acquire by filling out an application. I've seen the advertisements for assembly work at home, or if you give some dollar amount you can do some other work from home but I am not sure of the success rate or the validity of the jobs. Working from home does have it's benefits, but it takes a lot of discipline -- I should be working right now, as a matter of fact! Good luck.

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