How to get a track and field college scholarship?

I'm currently a sophomore in high school and I do the 300m hurdels and the long jump. I want to go to college and hurdel. So any tips that can help me land a college track and field scholarship will help a lot.

1. talk to your coach, get his/her prospective on whether you even have a chance at being able to do it in college. 2. if yes, than ask what division he/she thinks you could have a chance in, and start browsing schools in that division w/track+field. 3. get serious. start devoting the majority of your time to either practicing or school work. college athletes are few out of many, and you need to have an elite work ethic to rise above simply being talented. good luck!

How to qualify for in province tuition as an international student?

Hi there, I want to apply for Saint Marys in NS but I'm from the UK and i don't wanna waste quite a bit of money on out of province tuition, my question is: If I got a job there while being a student, would I get the subsidized fees? If not how could I get cheaper fees if I'm from another country?

To be eligible to pay Canadian/domestic student tuition at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you would have to be either a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident. Source: You can also see information on that web page about eligibility for Nova Scotia resident and Canadian/domestic student bursaries. You can read about how to become a Canadian permanent resident here: * Be sure to click on all the relevant links given on that web page and read the information. You have probably read the information available through this web site arout studying in Canada: * You have also probably read the information provided through this Saint Mary's Univ. web site for International Students: * Bottom line, the governments of most countries all over the world do not care to provide cost breaks and financial aid for higher education for anyone who is not a citizen or a legal permanent resident of that particular country unless there are some specific inter-governmental agreements in place. The underlying reason for national and provincial governments not wishing to give financial breaks for non-citizens and those who are not legal permanent residents has to do with all those who pay taxes to the governments. Taxpayers tend not to care for helping to foot the bill for those who are not citizens or legal residents who have not been living and working in the province/country for at least a year or more. No doubt a U.K. citizen and taxpayer would not be very happy to help with higher education financial aid for a Canadian citizen who has not legally lived in the U.K. and paid taxes there for a certain period of time. The same is true in the USA, from where I am answering. With the help of a librarian at your local public library in the U.K. you may be able to find this book to check out, read and learn: Title: Succeeding as an international student in the United States and Canada Author: Charles Lipson Publisher: Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008 Source: - database of library holdings worldwide * Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer! Find your local United Kingdom Public Library at: Use Enquire (U.K. libraries) services at:

How to get a full ride to anywhere you want for college?

I'm a senior in high school. Got a 20 on my act but I'm retaking it. I play tennis, but not well enough to get a scholarship that way. I'm not the smartest person in my class, but in the top twenty percent. I am the average student, I guess you could say. Is there anyway I could get a full ride? Also I am not poor, but not rich. My parents are going to help me very little with college so i really want a full ride.

I hate to be discouraging, but realistically, with the qualifications you listed, your chances are very slim. Colleges are essentially businesses, and like all businesses, they compete for customers (i.e. students). Colleges offer full ride scholarships to attract top students who have something that they want, such as high academic achievement, athletic talent, or extraordinary accomplishments in the arts or some other field that's important to the school. Even for students with high financial need, the college is going to pick the high-need applicant who has the most to offer. Most colleges have hordes of applicants with average grades and average talent who will do anything to get accepted, so they're not going to waste their limited scholarship resources on students they know they can get without investing anything in them. If you really wanted a full ride, you needed to start working on that 4 years ago, because rest assured that no matter which college you pick, there will be dozens of applicants who started working on this when they were in diapers. However, all is not lost. While it's not likely that you could snag a full ride, it's not impossible that you could earn a number of smaller, local scholarships. Ten $2,000 scholarships come out to the same amount as one $20,000 and they are a lot easier to come by for students who are not outstanding at anything. But, even for local scholarships, your chances will be better if you improve your grades and have a solid resume of quality extra-curriculars and community service. So.... do some extra-credit assignments and go volunteer for something. There are techniques that can improve your chances of winning scholarships, so it pays to invest in a good scholarship hunting guide such as Ben Kaplan's "How to Go to College Almost for Free" Good Luck!

How to ensure admission and a good financial aid for undergraduate study in USA?

i am an indian and want to do my enginnering from usa. how can I ensure admission and a financial aid to top us universities.

There is no financial aid for undergraduates for foreign students in USA There is aid for MS / PhD I myself did this and I know If you win Math Olympiad or your are an Einstein with discoveries, etc, then you can get aid 99.999% of foreign undergraduates = no aid

How to write a job seeking application to a insurance company?

Hello friends...
i am a law graduate. i got the information about the vacancy in an insurance company. but advertisement is not published yet. so i want to submit an application before that.
so please friend since my english is very poor send me a specimen of the application.

Please see the below web pages,

How to get a college basketball scholarships to the university of miami.?

I'm going into my senior year this fall at Henninger high school and i've been playing basketball since i was in middle school now i'm thinking about playing college basketball at the university of miami. But the thing is i don't know how to get a baketball scholarship can you guys please tell me how to get a scholarship.

If you were in fact good enough to be eligible for an athletic scholarship, then you would have been recruited by now. Since you have not, I wouldn't hold your breath.

How to get a car while in college without paying?

I've heard from several people that dealerships will give you a car and you don't have to pay them until you graduate from college. How true or false is this? It sounds illogical completely to me but I want to know to prove them wrong

It is probably just a high interest deal. You don't have to pay for your car until you finish college, but if you don't pay it all right away after you finish college, you have to pay super high interest rates. I'm just guessing, it is probably a dealership doing these deals around where you live or something.

How to not go to College and not let parents find out?

I graduated High School a couple months ago, nd I am not planning on going to College, I want to look for a Full Time job somewhere but I don't want my parents knowing right now. How do I not go to College and not let them find out? Will the College mail home things or call telling me that I am not going?

If you have gotten into a college and do not plan to attend, contact them right now and make sure they know that. Otherwise, you could be billed for certain things, and end up owing them money even though you didn't go there. So your first order of business is to contact them. As for your parents - I feel it's best to be honest. This would be a massive lie, and when they find out you lied - and they will eventually find out - it will be considered a significant betrayal of trust. You're an adult now. When adults need to break bad news to someone, they do it as quickly as possible - but they also *do it*. They don't evade the issue. You're not a kid - tell your parents your plans. Be a man about this.

How to get scholarships to collages and which collage should i go to ?

Im really thinking about my future and collage and i know that im going to have to earn scholarships because my parents cant afford it . How does the whole scholorship thing work and is it as difficult as it seems , and which collage is the best and should go to ? Thank you .

1. Once school starts again for the fall, hold conversations with and ask questions of your school counselor. Learn how to choose a school that will meet your academic & career goals as well as your budget. Learn about the ins & outs of financial aid (scholarships, grants & Federal student loans.) Find out about the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid - ) 2. In the meantime, visit your local public library & ask a reference librarian to help you find these books to check out, read, and learn: Title: The new college reality: Make College Work For Your Career Author: Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder Publisher: Avon, Mass.: Adams Media. 2012 Title: The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price (2nd edition) Author: Lynn O'Shaughnessy Publisher: FT Press, 2012 Title: Peterson's how to get money for college: financing your future beyond federal aid, 2011 Publisher: Lawrenceville, N.J.: Peterson's, 2010 Updated & published annually Title: College board: getting financial aid, 2012. Author: College Entrance Examination Board Publisher: College Board, 2011 Title: The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2012: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes (4th edition) Authors: Gen Tanabe, Kelly Tanabe Publisher: Supercollege, Llc;, 2011 Title: The A's and B's of academic scholarships (27th edition) Author: Anna J. Leider Publisher: Alexandria, VA: Octameron Associates, 2011 Lists 100,000 scholarships, not based on need, available at colleges and universities across the USA. 3. When you do apply for scholarships, you will need to use perfect spelling for one thing. If you don't have a print dictionary at home, where you can look up the proper spelling of words, there are some great online ones. Here are some links: * * If you are like my brother, a notorious bad speller, who used to say "How can I look up how to spell a word in a dictionary when I don't know how to spell it in the first place?", then there are a number of printed misspellers/bad spellers dictionaries. Your local book store or online book store will have them for sale. My brother finds his copy of one invaluable. :-) You can also call your local public library when it is open and ask a reference librarian for the correct spelling of any word you. We get calls like that all the time. Plus, the spell check feature of Y!A and your word processing software can be useful. However, it will not notice that you used "collage" to mean "college." Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer! Find your local Public Library at: Find your College/University Library at: Best wishes

How to prepare for the interview of a scholarship?

i've been short-listed as a candidate for Australian development scholarship.Now that i've to face an interview, i was wondering how to prepare myself.i mean the usual question types,do's and dont's or any experience of such interviews would help me a lot.btw my preferred course is masters of public health.

I am answering from the USA, but I think the links to information (geared for Americans) on preparing for a scholarship interview will be helpful to an Australian. How to Prepare for a Scholarship Interview – * 10 Most Common Scholarship Interview Questions: * Scholarship Help – The Interview * and, watch and listen to the video here: Video – How to Dress for a Scholarship Interview: * Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer! Find your Australian libraries at: Best wishes

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