How to stop a neighbor from calling pizza delivery to our home?

..............The company keep coming over and we told them it is for next door and they just leave with disappointment. It is the immature lady with kids that she cannot control they have done this crap several of times please help.

Have an audience with the company.

How to change hours of availability on mcdonalds metime?

Is there a way you can change your hours of availability on the mcdonald's career website "metime"?

Hi, No you can't you have to speak to your rostering manager. They need to check to make sure it's not a massive difference in hours (such as going from being available six days to only being available one). The rostering manager also needs at least two weeks notice to be able to apply the changes.

How to become a barista while being a college student?

I work at Mcdonalds, so i have some experience making coffee and specialty drinks. How can I get a job as a barista without any direct experience? I've seen that there are online school's. Is that worth it? Would it help me get a job as a barista?

Apply at Starbucks. You do have the kind of experience they want. And your attitude is good. Good Luck ! --

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