How to wear strapless dresses to school?

I want to wear a dress to school, but we're not allowed to wear strapless dresses.
I know people normally just put cardigans over them, but I always feel like cardigans ruin the dress. Are there any other solutions?


a shaw??

How to dress up a skater skirt?

I have just bought a burgunday coloured skater skirt with black swallows on it. Im planning on wearing to a party next week but im not sure what to wear it with. I will be wearing black platform heels with it so its really just a top and tights colour, and accessories I need! And Im only 13 so nothing too grown up please!
Oh and please mention any stores I could buy them from (U.K)
Aanndd I have a lot of denim and patterned shirts if they would go?

I'd wear grey (but not super dark grey) solid footed tights and a grey top with it. That would give you some contrast but still be cute with your new skirt!! : } oh, and wear a burgundy bangle bracelet or hair band to match the skirt and bring that color into the top of your outfit.

How to get hot chocolate off a white jumper?

I have a Paul's boutique WHITE jumper and I spilled a tiny bit on the zip area, how do I clean this up?

first of all--don't wear white any more till Spring,... thenm to get chocolate off white--pour a little baking soda on your stain, THEN pour vinegar on the baking soda. It will BUBBLE like mad but you let ir sit there and dry. It should take your stain off. brush it off and make sure it's gone then wash as usual. STORE your white things till NEXT YEAR, Sweetie. Love ya.

How to pack shoes going through the post?

HI so i've just started ebaying and have a pair of converse going- but I have no idea how to pack them?? For most items I use padded envelopes- but shoes won't fit in these? The shoes don't have a box either- so what do I use to pack them? Thanks!

I send mine in large padded envelopes. I have size 7 feet and the shoes fit in perfectly. You can also use shoe boxes or buy some shipping bags. You can get them in varies sizes.

How to prevent a belly piercing from getting infected?

I really want one but everyone I talk to that has had one, had theirs get infected! Is it like inevitable that it gets infected or something? Ugh I really want one but don't want it to get infected lol.

I have had one and never got infected.I put a cream my piercer suggested me and cleaned it with sea salt

How to make a large morphsuit work on a small girl?

We have to do a power rangers float for our homecoming. We all decided to dress up in morphsuits and decorate them to look like power rangers. However, the smallest size I can find at walmart is large and this girl is tiny. Do you think we could make it work somehow or just have her walking plainclothed?

I'd say you might try seeing whether anyone you know can do adjustments, hem things in with a bit of thread. No guarantees, but it might work. Might have to redo them the day of, once she's in. The hoods are all the same size, roughly, so nothing needed there. That said, there are also Morphsuits at Party City, you could try there. They're more expensive, being the actual Morphsuits brand, as opposed to Walmart's brand, but that would be more comfortable in the long run.

How to tie a lanyard so it hangs from your pocket?

Ok. I have a lanyard and i see people who dangle the design from their jeans and i want to know how. Thanks for your help!
Wait, Ben, can you give me an example of a good heavy object?

Well also usually people have a heavy object on the end that keeps the lanyard from falling out

How to put a picture on a ring for cheap?

I want to put a picture from my computer on a ring to wear. I don't want it to be expensive or fancy, though. Anyone know if this is possible, or how I would do it or where I could take it to get it done?

i think it is possible, you can try a photo store or talk to a jeweler. i'm sure it shouldn't be too bad in terms of the price

how to give your self a second ear peircing?

im not planning on giving my self one but i just want to know how? like do you have to have a peircing gun, cuz one of my friends just used an earing she had and stabbed it through her her! gross right?! anyways yea how do you do it?

Yeah just stab one through. Its actually safer than a gun. You are having blunt force trauma inflicted on your ear as opposed to a needle piercing that makes a clean cut and moves the tissue out of the way to safely accommodate the earring. Just pushing the earring through makes a clean cut. All you have to do is look in the mirror and plan a spot on your ear to pierce, then push it through. The pain isnt that bad whats worse is the "pop" noise it makes when it goes through.

How to stretch out new shoes in time for tomorrow?

I have some "flats" i want to wear tomorrow, they've never been worn and i just know they're going to rub the back of my foot. Is there any way i can stretch them out in time for tomorrow?

Walk around your house in them. That way it will form to your feet. That helps them get broken in. Also if you just pull on them a little bit while your sitting that should do it. And if worst comes to wost tomorrow put alittle band aide on the back of your feet where it's hurting. And no one will notice but it will be more comfort for you.

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