How to score more points in my fantasy league?

I have the most total and average points scored in my fantasy league through 4 games. The problem is that I've lost two games, so I need to score even more.

Here is my team:

QB: Ryan, Vick
RB: Rice, Lynch, Turner, C. Johnson
WR: Cruz, Harvin, Welker, Bowe, Garcon
TE: Davis, Cook
K: Gostkowski
D/ST: Ravens

Do you think I could trade anyone?

My team and yours are similar and I too am 2-2. I had Tamme and Cook as my TE but I let go of Tamme and picked up Pitta from waivers. Let's see how I do now

How to decide who gets the first pick in fantasy football/basketball?

Me and some friends at school made a fantasy basketball league, theres like 9 of us and obviously we all want the first pick in the draft. We've decided that just picking someone random is just not fun enough, so we're looking for a different way to determine who gets the first pick. We're looking for something that we can do at school, preferably embarrassing/humiliating but not inappropriate lol. Got any ideas?

Use the pick 3 lottery let them choose states

How to change the waiver type in my fantasy football league?

I accidentally choose the wrong waiver type for my league. How do I change from "reverse order of standings" waiver type to "continual rolling list"? Thanks in advance.
I made the league on yahoo. I did try going on the commish tools and changing it, but it doesn't allow me to change the waiver type.

What league are you in? If it's Yahoo, go into the Commissioner tools and select Edit League Settings, then you can change the waiver mode setting and submit the change.

How to delete my yahoo fantasy football team?


My league already started, but the commissioner is being a real bitch. He has locked my team from making and changes, he locked my ability to post any messages on the league message boards, and he locked me from emailing others in the league. I want out now. What can i do?


How to I merge 2 fantasy football accounts with different email addresses?

I am participating in 2 different yahoo fantasy football leagues and need to sign in under those names separately to check my accounts. Is there any way that I can merge the two accounts so I can just log in once and flip back and forth between them? I tried changing the email address under the settings and it didn't work.

Nope, You can not do that. Sorry. Actually you can by making one a co-manager. Good luck.

How to pick divisions for fantasy football?

I have a 12 team league, and no matter how I pick the divisions, someone has a problem with the way I do it every year. Is there any type of strategy to pick divisions?

Have you considered not having divisions at all? I've run a 12 team yahoo league since 2003, and we've kept it this way. The reason it works best is it uses total points as tie breakers, so it's more equal. Nobody gets penalized for being in the toughest division. It also takes some of the luck factor out of it. If you play 6 games against the toughest teams, obviously this will impact your W/L record, and in most fantasy settings, it's really more your total points. Matchups can kill you and it's all luck of the draw.

How to recover yahoo fantasy basketball team?

I have a fantasy basketball team on yahoo. Originally, I signed into yahoo using only the Facebook sign in button. I bought an app on my phone that requires a Yahoo ID to access my team so I created a Yahoo ID and linked my Facebook to my new ID. When I did this, I lost my team and I can't seem to recover it. How do I go about retrieving my team?

If you created the Yahoo ID after you drafted your team it will never be there;Because teams are locked into the ID & password you have when you draft teams.If you didn't have a yahoo ID when you drafted the team then I suggest you go back to using only the facebook button. GL

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