How to hide events from others on facebook?

you know how when you confirm to an event on facebook, all your friends can see it. how do you block them from seeing it?

You can change who can see it to "only me" or if you can, just delete it.

How to delete Facebook notifications on windows live?

It is really annoying when I go to my email and find hundreds of emails about my Facebook. (Statuses, commented on his photo,likes your comment,) etc... How can you permanently delete them?

At the bottom of any email, there should be an option to stop those. Click it and follow the steps.

How to make a video call on facebook?

I want to call my family using facebook video call. But I can't figure out how to do it. Can anyone help me?

This seems to be a good starting point;

How to disable others from seeing pictures you liked on facebook?

I like a bunch a photos on facebook. I help vote in contests with likes and ect...
I had some people complain to me I'm clogging their facebook. So I stopped liking, but it's just not as much fun anymore.

How can I disabled my liked pictures from coming back on other people's feeds?
Oh they're not like those contests. I mean it's like for small modeling sites holding competitions and what not. Not any bad sexual things either. It's just clogging people's facebooks apparently.

Yeah there is no way to stop this which is a pain! Also if you are looking to improve your facebook fan page and you could do with some more real fans then you could do what i have done and get some new people to talk to on there! Ill put a link in the bottem for anyone who is interested Just while we are on the subject of Facebook! Don

How to get rid of the photos box on facebook timeline?

How do I remove that photos box on my timeline, underneath the friends box?

you would have to go thru all of your tagged photos and hide them one by one once they are all hidden, that box will not appear anymore

How to hide profile picture comments on facebook from the public?

I don't have any problem with my friends seeing the comments, but
I don't want the public to read it!

you cant hide just the comments, you would have to hide the picture too as explained here

How to start a conversation with a girl you don't know on facebook?

There's this girl on facebook that I noticed because we have mutual friends and she seems really nice. She lives in my area but i have never seen her around, i would prefer a face to face conversation with her but i guess i need to be a facebook weirdo to do it. So i was wondering what i should say to her?

Try "Hey, you from <area> ?" or "Hey i've never seen you around before, you're from <area> right ?" ... you get the idea, there's no need for me to make 100 variations lol.

How to check someones facebook profile without being friends with them?

Is there a way of looking through someones posts and photos without being friends with them? If they have like a private account? is it possible?

no, not if it's private - that would completely defeat the purpose of the privacy settings

How to you see old stories on your Facebook home page?

My internet was down for a few days, so when I tried to go on Facebook I could only see stories from about a day ago on my home page. Does anybody know how to make it so that you can see stories from farther back?

it is better to see newer stories refresh the page

How to block some friends from viewing a particular picture on Facebook?

Say if I posted a picture on Facebook, and I only wanted to block say 5 people from seeing that photo but allow them to see everything else, how would you do this? Could you also do this with your current profile picture? 10 points for most accurate answer


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