How to retreive erased emails in outlook?

My grandfather adccidently erased his 'sent' items in Outlook, is there a way to get them back?

Check the "deleted items" folder in his email account- usually deleted emails go there rather than being permanently deleted. If they are deleted from there, then you're probably not going to be able to get them back.

How to change background of email in microsoft office outlook 2003?

At present there are flowers in background of email. I have searched too much but can't find the option.

You can change it by setting a new Default Stationery From the Tools menu, select Options... The Options dialog box appears. Select the Mail Format tab In the Stationery and Fonts section, from the Use this stationery by default pull-down list, select the desired stationery Click OK

How to transfer back emails imported to gmail back to yahoo mail?

I have imported two outlook emails into gmail and they are working just fine. However, it seems that all the email which was previously in outlook have been deleted.

I would like to restore those transferred emails back to yahoo. Is there anyway I could do this? Thanks.

export ----save as csv --- import in yahoo

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