How to make smileys go away in text free?

I have a iPod touch (4th generation if it matters) and I use it to text a lot using an app called text free. Does anyone know how to turn the emotocons OFF? So that it only comes up with this " :) " instead of a actuall smiley face drawing? Thanks!

Sorry, we don't have a "switch off" feature for the smileys. Thanks for your feedback, though! I'll let our team know :) Also, when your friends who aren't on Textfree get those texts, it will just show up as a :) or :( for them and not the smiley. Have more questions? Head to

How to transform my backyard into a nightclub?

Me and my best friend are throwing a surprise party for our other best friend early this April. She's turning 17, and we're on a tight budget so we're turning my backyard into a nightclub. There's gong to be at least 50 people there, and I need some ideas about how to change my backyard into something that is hopefully a little bit like a nightclub!

Any ideas? We already came up with:
VIP Section
Music (of course!)


a lot of night clubs have cosy little corners, so maybe set some up using some lounge chair and coffee tables? how about a velvet rope for the enterance to the club/vip area? maybe print up some entry tickets/coasters with a cool name youve made for the club written on them? get some mood lighting, maybe even see if you can borrow a strobe light. Use a trestle table and some stools or crates to set up a bar to serve your mocktails. and how about making a big sign with your clubs name on it to hang up?

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