How to invite others to a party?

So I'm at my house party with my roommates. My roommates asked me to invite some people. I did, I asked 3 friends once and they said they'd show up. One of them seemed really excited about it. The party started at 9. It's now 10:20 and none of them has shown up nor have they responded to my recent text to see if they were coming. Should I have done something differently (asked/reminded them during the week etc.); something that would have increased the chances of them coming?

Make a facebook event. Remind them over and over.

How to keep hot dogs warm at an outside party?

My daughter is turning two in October and I am planning a party at the park for her. I did pizza last year, so I really don't want to do that again so I figured hot dogs, chips, and other snack foods. Problem is, I don't have a small grill to bring out there and I have no idea how to keep them warm until I am ready to serve them. Any ideas?

buy those big aluminium trays and when u make the hotdogs store them inside the tray and put an aluminium piece on top and this helps them stay worm :)

How to throw a surprise 18th birthday party in college?

Any good ideas?? I go to USC in Los Angeles so any places around there, or we could do it in a dorm also. What can I do?

Email everyone an invitation to a toga party with a few pics on how to dress--or another theme. Depends on sex of birthday person and their interests and also quantity of guests. Ask a few people to help supply finger foods....chicken fingers, meat patties, mini quiche, wings, sausage puffs, crab or spinach dip or hummous & pita, cookies, cookies...birthday cake or cupcakes. A large peach punch...with or without alcohol, is more cost effective. You don't need a punch bowl...just juice pitchers from the dollar store and paper cups. Don't forget napkins and little plates and forks if there's cake. Everyone should take on a little responsibilty and chip in effort and you can coordinate the details and ask all communication to be through email/text, so that the birthday person is kept surprised. Have a couple of people on decoration detail. Even a couple of simple decorations can look festive. Buy a large birthday card which gets passed around in advance so that all well-wishers can sign it, plus some type of gag gift with an amusing, personalized story behind it to present in front of everyone. Have a person be in charge of music. Give a couple of pointers to each person in charge of their respective tasks, so they have some direction in what's expected. Have everyone send you a text/email, a day in advance assuring you that everything is fine and on schedule. Don't let anyone drive if they are tipsy. Check the party area and clear it of valuables, fragile items, loose rugs, and any other hazards. Warn students who could affected by the noise so they can opt to study elsewhere. Buy ice for the drinks and keep in a cooler.

How to give out invitation for my sweet 16?

My sweet 16 is actually a year away lol (august 31st) but I was wondering how to give out invitation to the party. My school starts in Sept so I can't give the invitation out then obviously but I was wondering if I should give them out before the summer like right around when school ends in june or should I ask for peoples addresses and mail them out to them or should I just go on Facebook and ask each individual for their address (which im not looking forward to =p). What would you do? Thanks!

Rent a helicopter and make it rain invitations all over town. Not really, just get their addresses and mail them. It's classic and makes it feel formal. I'd just invite on facebook too to make sure everyone gets them though..

How to have party at a House with carpet?

I want to have a party at my house. Problem is that the majority of first floor is carpeted and that when alcohol is involved, people are very likely to spill and stain. Any ideas on what I can do? Maybe cover the carpet with something? Would really appreciate suggestions.

I have never had a party that contained alcohol in my house to much at risk. I like to have them outside I have a canopy I put up and I just set up a table with snacks and drinks and set some chairs around its always really fun, but if you need to have it inside try getting some large plastic sheets and laying them on the floor taping the ends together so theres no open cracks.

How to celebrate your birthday in a creative way?

So, this year, I'm turning 15 and here in Brazil we have this Quinceañera tradition, but I want something less traditional and more creative. I want a creative way to celebrate with my friends (something that teenagers will enjoy). HELP!

well all teenagers enjoy sex, but that not what you are looking for

How to throw a good party for high schoolers?

My parents go out of town tomorrow and I have the house to myself until about Sunday. Since it's summer I was thinking about throwing a party. What all do I need? I can supply some alcohol, weed, video games and music but there's got to be more to it. What food do you usually eat? I have a large backyard so what could I do back there? I don't want to invite too many people, about 60 is good enough. How do I prevent them from destroying everything? Any other tips?

Make sure you lock/block off the parts of your house that you really don't want people going into or things getting totally stolen or destroyed. Of course have at least one bathroom available because people will need to use it. Depending on where you live, I would still say not to have it all outside because if you have neighbors or anything, and it gets too loud or wild, obviously the cops are going to come. You can have part of it outside but make sure lights stay dim, music is low, and people are under control. I'd have a room inside with music and dancing or something, maybe a black light too. To prevent things from getting destroyed, move most things out of that room so it's nearly empty, or at least the breakable/damageable things are out of sight. Have of course the main munchies.. chips, pizza, bread or something for the sick, pop (chasers, girls especially need chasers:), and plastic cups are probably best so glass doesn't break. Tips - *Tell people to carpool, and/or make sure people don't all park at/in front of your house.. that's just asking for the cops to come. **Make sure you know mainly who's coming, don't let sketchy people come that are going to for sure steal, break, or damage your shit. ***Have people have dd's so if for some reason everyone has to leave, they aren't all either driving drunk or have to stay there. ****Be SMART, plan shit before. Make sure you or you have someone that is able to kick people out if they're being stupid. It may seem fun and you may feel cool letting everyone come and have a good time, but in the end it'll be your ass getting busted if anything bad happens. So have fun, but not too much fun ;) gooooluck! xoxo, ASH:) ayy where's my invite?

How to get Servers to sing Happy Birthday at Applebees?

I'm taking my girlfriend to Applebees for dinner tomorrow. I know not a 5 star place but I'm 15. Anyways I wanted to see if I could get the servers to do that whole thing when they sing and bring you a cake. But My question is how would I be able to get them to do that without my girlfriend noticing?

Go into the resteraunt ahead of time so they know u and ask them. Then wen u go in they will remember u and sing at whatever specific time u asked for.

how to get my parents to buy me alcopos for my 14th birthday house party?

I feel like it will be awkward and a social disaster without. I live in the U.K so it is legal to drink in your own house after the age of 5.

First come up with a plan. A plan that ensures the party stays in that nice Goldilocks zone between boring and goody-two shoes on one extreme, and totally ruining the house like an episode of Skins. Once you come up with that plan, write it all down. Then ask them. Show them the plan. Convince them it won't be a financial disaster, and explain why it's necessary to avoid social disaster. If they aren't entirely happy with the plan, ask for their advice. Ask them what they'd do differently. They might come up with something different as a condition for their permission, and it might be to your liking. Emphasize it being your birthday. You probably don't know how much we Americans envy the laxer, saner, fairer drinking age the UK has. Do they have alcopop at pubs? You should be able to get in at your age, and from what I've heard, they don't really tend to ask for ID once you're in. You could make several trips over an extended period of time, or over a shorter period of time with friends, to accumulate a supply. You could go for a different drink of choice, too.

How to plan a birthday party in steps?

My birthday is next month and I need to plan it Im turning 12 and I need to start planning it. I want to go to a theme park then have some friends round for a sleepover please help me plan it

1. Grab a pen and paper 2. Write down the names of the friends who you want to come. 3. Write down ideas for activities during the sleep over (movies, board games, make overs...). 4. If you have a computer & printer, make an invitation card (or buy them) with these categories: Who, What, When, Where and what to bring, and how much it will cost. Example: Fill in with your own info Who: Suzie Cue What: Birthday Party & sleep over When: March 12, 2012 Where: 1234 Front St Big City, USA & Awesome Theme Park What to Bring: A change of clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, snacks (anything else you'd like) Theme park: $30 Entry fee Please RSVP: (Your parents name and number) Make a card for each of your friends. Show your parents to see what they think and if you need to add or take anything away. Decide if rides will be provided to the park or if they need to find their own ride, add this to the invitation card. This should get you started! Good luck and happy birthday.

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