What is the best way to learn how to fake an injury while playing football?

I was just wondering since it is extremely common.

Are tampons required?

Ask Real Madrid fans

How to get scouted by a football club?

My name is Austin and I am 15 I play for Radcliffe Olympic F.C. I live in the Nottinghamshire area and wanted to be scouted by any professional team. I can play where ever the manager tells me to play, but I prefer to play Centre Midfield though. I am dedicated to any team and give 100% every match. My best skills is pace, vision, passing, free kicks and I am not afriad to go into a tackle. Can anyone help me get scouted please?

Join a league club academy; scouts will spot you if you are any good, (I'm sure you are). Ask for a trial, or talk to your PE teachers about it. You have options in Nottinghamshire - Forest, Derby, County, Mansfield, Chesterfield, leicester. Just approach one and take it from there. If a smaller club takes you on a bigger one will spot you.

How to improve while playing as a striker?

I am 16 and usually play center midfield but now a days I have been playing up front. I have good shots and work rate, heading and game sense. I have okay-ish touches and very good vision and passing skills. I lack pace and my left foot is very weak. I am also not agile.

How do I improve as a center forward?

I play striker for a division 1 side, the highest division in my area without going for a professional team. The core skill is definitly the ability to use your feet. Look at messi, his dribbling is so good because he can use both foot to sort of pass the ball between them around people. using both feet is important. you dont need to score every shot, just get it on target. start of by passing, always inside of your boot. then move on to trying to chip it and scoops. Then start trying to shoot. It has taken me 2 years to work my left foot up, often playing without usinf my right foot at all. If you cant do that, learn to use the outside of your right.

How to purchase the official Manchester United key chain in India?

I am living in Chennai and trying to purchase the official Manchester United key chain but i just don't know where and how. Any information on as to how i can purchase it would be really appreciated

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