How to renew nepalese passport in Malaysia?

Would like to know how can I renew Nepalese passports in Malaysia? Can we go through agents?
According to the embassy's website, we'll need the original ID card, the copy as well as original calling visas. The problem is, we no longer have those documents in possession as workers are already going into their 8th year of service. The people from embassy insist us to provide us the documents, or else the application will not be processed.
Is there any other options?

you can only get it from the one source

How to convert a hindi degree in English for Visa requirement. Required as per embassy requirement?

I have my degree certificates in Hindi Language and Now I want to translate them officially in english language for Visa purposes for Kuwait.
Pls help.

You have your university degree in Hindi language. You cannot convert it. What you need is an authenticated English translation. Ask the Embassy what they accept.

How to assure that the consul will honor a b2 visa?

What are the procedures on requesting a b2 visa for my sister to attend my college graduation, does she need to show the consul that she have financial tie in her country as well or do I just need to send her with the invitation letter?

I think you're asking whether a consular officer will *issue* a B-2 visa, not honor it, right? You're on the right path- your sister will need to show significant ties to her country. Normally, these ties are economic in nature. An invitation letter will demonstrate her reasons for visiting the US, but will not show any ties to her native country. That's what the consular officer will look for. ... Take care!!

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