How to I get my video from a concert to work?

I went and saw Big Time Rush on the 27th and I got a video of one of their songs but when I put the video on my computer, my computer wont open the video. I've tried Windows player, real player, a quick time but it still wont open. Is there anyway for me to open the video? or fix it so it does open?

Wrong category.

How to get up to speed with politics before November election?

I have been out of the loop because I have been more concerned with other reasons that I consider unnecessary to share. I would like know how I can get up to date and be armed with information to vote for the right person for the jobs. I am aware of my beliefs and values and would only need to know more about the candidates.

not here research the candidates individually, focus on the local races

How to paint this candidate as a liberal to alienate his supporters?

Lunch table debate (5/6 expected voters are women)

he wants to cut trade with China and start a cold war with them
Go to war with pakistan (they have nukes)
cut taxes
Is an antifeminist whereas I am pro- women not exactly a feminist

Mention Mitt Romney's actions/speeches as governor of Massachusetts.

How to get medical marijuana in the supreme court to vote on?

To ban the FEDS from usurping its constitutional powers and grant states the right to legalize/criminalize marijuana.

It would take a law by Congress, and have it challenged and ruled on by lower courts and finally to the Supreme Court. The Court can't make laws; that is the job of Congress. The controlled substance act lists marijuana as a Class I substance which are illegal. It would take a law to have it legalized and then a president's signature to put it into law. Courts only interpret laws as they apply to the Constitution.

How to learn more about presidential candidates?

I'm only 16 and in the past I haven't cared much about anything political, but lately my TV is always on CNN and I have watched the last 3 debates, the only candidate I really know anything about is Ron Paul (My mom says lots of younger kids like him) but I would really like to learn more about all of the republican candidates and Barack Obama, but I want to keep it fairly simple. What's the best place?

Forget the individuals, and find out what you stand for first. You can use a website quiz thing like this: or, there are others. Then, find the person who most aligns with your own philosophy.

How to win a president election against this popular guy?

I am in student council and I plan to run for president next year. But unfortunately this popular guy is running for the same position. He knows every junior in high school, I don't. How can I turn the tides against this popular guy?

There's really two kinds of popular: 1) "Upper-class" popular. This is the kind of kid who's friends with the quarterback and the valedictorian and the head cheerleader and all the kids whose parents are doctors or lawyers. Is he friends with any heavy girls or socially awkward kids? Probably not. 2) Universally popular: he actually does know, and is respected by, virtually everyone. Often, "upper-class popular" students will lose elections, against everyone's expectations, because there's a voting bloc for another student. For example, I watched the most popular guy in school get beat out by some Mormon girl, because all the Mormons turned out en masse and voted for her. They were a quiet, overlooked group, and no one really saw it coming. If he's not universally popular, I suggest campaigning among the kids who don't fit in quite so well. Talk to some nerds. Get acquainted with the debate team or the Model UN. Try to make friends with a couple stoner kids. Popular kids in high school are actually a minority, and an election can reflect that.

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