How to have really good dreams that you remember?

I've had a few real good dreams lately and remembered them right when I woke up and I still remember them! But last night I had a really lame dream about things I'm selling on Craigslist... Is there anything you can do before you go to sleep to make your dreams awesome? Also what can you do to remember them? Thanks!

Good dreams are from god the creator, not an other one;just ask him for a good dream and it`ll be yours.

How to make love to this girl of my dreams?

We worked at the same place and we are both married to different persons. We shared good platonic relationship as collegues and that's it. Moral code of conduct forbids me to touch her. However dreams are my own space. How can I get her into my dreams and make love to her? It tried various ways it did not work.

A lot of focus!

How to have a lucid dream within a week?

Hello, bottom line I want to escape reality because I quit M.J and want to start havin lucid dreams every night if possible. Can anyone help me some how?
I want to learn as fast as possible, and most websites basically say keep a dream journal an try to do reality check during the day... Any easier way other than African dream root?

If you didn't go to this website : Very good forum. Personally, the first day I heard of lucid dreams, on this forum, I had a lucid dream the same night. I guess you must have motivation. There is a lot of methods on this website. I suggest you to join. :)

How to make dreams more exciting or vivid?

I don't understand - I'm a really imaginative and creative person, I can fantasize and daydream really well (hence my username)! But when it comes to dreaming, they are always blurred, don't feel realistic, don't make any sense and are basically just a few boring, random images. I know many people who have had amazing dreams about places they love, fantasy worlds, adventures, or their partners etc. Is there anything I can do to give my dreams more of a story somehow?

Dreams are supposedly a collection of information that your brain has no use of, and is getting purged from your memory. It is also believed that dreams are needed by your body to carry out things that would be completely immoral or impossible in real life, but that you secretly want to do. another theory is that dreams are used by your body to prepare you for future events. Keeping these things in mind, I find that if I'm actively thinking about a topic, object, or person before I fall asleep, I tend to dream about it/them. If you want to get more vivid dreams about adventures or something similar, try watching a movie or reading a book to get your imagination going before you go to bed. Try to not get TOO into the material, or you will never get to sleep. Also, to the post before me, energy drinks will most definitely not give you lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is dreaming while you're the most awake during the night if I remember correctly (though, I may be wrong, so look at wikipedia or something).

How to bring back a reaccurant dream?

I used to have to have the same dream over and over when i was younger.. I want to dream it again, is there anything I can do to make that happen?

People can't have control on their dreams We can control our mind only when we are conscious Dreams are related to subconscious mind We can not make it happen When it happens it just does

How to dream the same dream you had last night?

I had the perfect dream last night, and I want to dream it again tonight. How can I do that?

just keep thinking about it throughout the day, I am able to dream the same dream sometimes if I think about it all day

How to dream about Christmas Past, Present and Future like Ebenezer Scrooge when sleeping?

Please tell me the right tips and facts without any opinions. Can we play Christmas songs on ipod, read a book before sleeping or anything like that?

Watch both the 1974 and 2006 versions of "Black Christmas" before you go to bed.

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