How to convert my sink garbage disposal into an automated mouse trap?

Hello recently my family has had a few issues with mice/rats.

My plan is to line the inside of the garbage disposal with peanut butter so it attracts the rodents. Is there a way I can make it turn on automatically when it detects a mouse? Or at least keep them from climbing out until I have a chance to blend them myself? I do not want to use traditional mouse traps because we have two infants and I do not want to risk them touching the trap, and I do not want to see the dead mouses.
* = typo

lmao now I have heard everything WOW are you even remotely serious about this? lol ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ on another note, clean your house up and you won't have this problem, and won't come up with these SILLY ideas. do you live next door to Honey Boo Boo by the way?

How to remove a hardback cover from a book?

This is an odd one. I bought a really beautiful hardback book and when I finish reading it I would like to keep the cover and maybe use it for something else. Does anyone know how I can reuse the book cover or maybe take it out and put in blank pages or something. Thanks

open the book take a razor knife or blade you'll see the first page is attached to the cover cut do the same for the back for the binding its going too be glued take your time and work it off thats it not hard too do

How to tie a canvas wardrobe to the wall to stop it leaning?

I have one of those canvas wardrobes with a metal frame, how can I secure it to the wall as it's leaning a lot.

Sew a piece of shoelace or a piece of strong twine to it, and tie that to a hook on the wall. Or put something under the frame at the front so it leans back toward the wall or sits level.

How to make a minecraft head without cardboard?

Okay, I need a last minute halloween costume and I decided on Steve from Minecraft. I have no cardboard for a Steve head and I need suggestions of substitute for it. Thanks!

any store will have cardboard, boxes or just use a lady's make up

How to fix the metal lever on a German toilet?

I am trying to figure out how to fix the metal lever on my toilet but can not find a site explaining how. This toilet has the metal lever that is fixed on a pipe and you have to push the lever down. The tank is inside the wall. The lever is loose and will no longer flush. I've noticed the pin is lose in it. I do not know how to take the pipes apart or how to repair the lever. Can anyone direct me to a site or help me out please? Thanks :)

Hi Bina, If the pin is loose then you may be able to tighten it or replace the pin. The only way to normally get at the other end of the pipe that holds the handle is to take the lid off the cistern. With yours being behind a wall it will be difficult! There must be some form of access somewhere which will enable you to get at the cistern as really the only way to check what is happening is to take the lid off. You may find that the wall may have a panel that is screwed which when taken off will give you access to the cistern/tank Bina. If not you may have to call a plumber Bina. Hope that helps Bina.

How to Laminate a window to guard against penetration by debris?

I have a bay window which is near some large trees. I'd like to apply a laminate film to the window to help guard against penetration by branches, or at least contain the glass debris if the window does get breached. I can't seem to find a local source here in NYC. Ideas?

Most self adhesive window coatings do not help much against objects penetrating the glass. Laminate windows are manufactured using a special process. Contact Glass Companies in your area and read the following: ============================================== Selecting contractors: 1/ Look up local contractors first. work out from the closest to your location. If someone you trust has had work done similar to yours, ask them about the contractor they used. If they were completely satisfied with their contractor(s), ask for their telephone number. 2/ Select at least 5 your are interested 3/ Do a google/yahoo search on each of the contractors you are interested in; look for praises (check who is writing the praises to see if they have any connection to the contractor <scam artists and coffident persons often work in groups> google/yahoo search the people giving the praise or references) 4/ When you are satisfied with at least 3 contractors per job, have them give you written estimates with details of work to be done, terms, guarantee(s), cost of extras (how much do they charge if they find something not covered by the contract), paymant schedules if necessary and whatever else you can think of to protect yourself. 5/ If the contractor tries to pressure you into signing the contract immediately with a high deposit (more than 15% - deposits over 10% normally are not paid untill material is delivered and left at your site) reject that contractor. Be careful, high pressure can be someone who sounds very convincing, but has many reasons why you should sign on the dotted line NOW. 6/ It is always good to have another adult with you when a contractor inspects the work to be done. 7/ If you do not get at least 3 written estimates signed by the contractor - not you (do not sign yet) , go back to 1. repeat until you get written estimates signed by the contractor - not you (do not sign yet). Read the estimates over with some who has some knowledge of the work that has to be done. This may take longer than you thought; do not rush into it. Research, resaerch research, helps. When you are ready choose by being informed. Good Luck

How to safely connect my three prong power strip to a two prong?

I heard something about GFCI adapters but am not sure as to how they operate. I want to ensure my safety. I am a tenant in an old home so rewiring the wiring isn't an option sadly. :(
I don't want to use cheater plugs as people say you can die from them.

Just buy the adapter. They are designed to be safe. You cannot safely convert the actual strip. All the third prong is is a ground prong. If you are not around water etc, you are fine.

How to remove paint of concrete in downstairs bathroom?

The old home owners painted the concrete and its already chipping now. It is by far, the worst bathroom I have seen. So i want to start by removing the paint! Its all in the shower and the drainage area so I don't know if I can use paint thinner because it would definetely get in the drain.


If you are concerned about toxic materials going into the drain, use a heat gun and scraper. It may take a little longer, but should allow you to remove the paint.

How to shut off old fashioned radiator?

I live in an apartment and now that it's getting cold the heat is turned on. It gets unbearably hot in here and I can't take it anymore. There is no thermostat in my apartment so I can't control the heat. I have 3 old fashioned radiators through out my apartment, (one in the kitchen, living room and bedroom) that stand about 2 feet tall. They all have two pipes with two knobs on either side. Is there a way to shut them off?

If you turn the wheel valves down by hand it will cool the Raditors down. Turn the valve clockwise.

How to remove a wallpaper from the wall?

I’m bored of the present wallpaper on my wall. Need to change it. Budget is limited so I dont wanna call any expert to do so. Can anyone help?

Place drop cloths at the base of the walls to be stripped. Remove all switch plates and outlet covers from the walls. Cut the power to the room. Use a wallpaper scorer to create small holes in the paper, which allows the solution to penetrate through to the adhesive base. While there are a number of commercially prepared solutions available, little works better than hot water and fabric softener. Combine the water and fabric softener in a large spray bottle at a concentration of one to one. Use a spray bottle to saturate a section of the wallpaper. Spray only as much of the wall as you can comfortably strip in a 15-minute period. Allow the solution to soak the paper for a few minutes before beginning. Grab pieces of wallpaper at a bottom corner and carefully pull upward. Use a wide putty knife to facilitate the removal of the paper. Repeat the above steps until all the wallpaper is removed. In a bucket mix a tablespoon of dish detergent with very hot water. Use a sponge to wipe down the walls, scrubbing carefully to remove all traces of wallpaper adhesive. Finally, rinse down the walls with clean water and towel dry.

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