How to lose weight when I have no workout time?

I have school 5 days a week, and I usually have some activities and homework that prevents me from getting to go running or walking in the afternoon. I bring healthy food to lunch, but I can't lose weight and I think it's b/c I haven't been able to do much excercise. Please tell me how I can lose weight more efficiently.

Well. You may not know this but you are working out. Walking everywhere helps lose weight. If you can keep doing what you do. Also if you have gym work real hard. I know I'm happy because I work as hard as possible. Also make time into days, it doesn't matter were you are, and also you don't have to work out everyday, you can work out every other day or 4 times a week. Try to set tor-word your goal. This might be the best solution but others might have better but if you try you can succeed, Good luck and make your body happy. Also one more thing to say, Don't hate your body. Love it. You're body make you for who you are. Have fun and succeed on doing the best you can

How to get a nice butt and small thighs?

I'm planning to do squats to make my butt nicer/more toned and maybe even a little bigger, but I don't want to get thigh muscles, I much prefer the small thighs with a thigh gap look over big chunky muscly thighs. Any advice guys? :)

Squats, lunges, cardio, step aerobics...

How to lose some weight and get fairer in 1 month?

I've birthday next month. I want to lose some weight over thighs and hips. On the other hand, I also want to get my face and legs fairer? Can anyone help me out?

Do cycling for three hours every day for hips and thighs but start gradually.Fareness thing can be done by beautician.

How to avoid a late night binge?

I have a bad habit of eating fairly healthy all day, and then totally pigging out at around 8:00. I can't seem to control it! Any tips?

Thanks so much!

Try to brush your teeth directly after you have dinner. By that you become lazy to eat again. Try to think about other things rather than food. It can distracts your mind from food.

How to lose weight in 2 weeks a food and exercise plan pls?

Well I've been overweight for ages and get bullied for it. I always try to diet or starve but go back to food. I'm going to edinbrough soon and really want to look skinny in my dress so any ideas a food and exercise plan pls.

this ways to lose 9 pounds in every 11 days

How to calculate how much cals you burn from jogging?

What is the formula? I don't know my heart rate tho. People told me that even without knowing it you can calculate approximate number, only it won't be that accurate. So what's the formula? Or maybe you can suggest me a website with build in calculator?

The formula to calculate how much cals you burn from jogging is time multiplied by the speed at which you jog multiplied by 4...which will give you the total calories lost...

How to be strong enough to hold your own weight?

I want to be able to climb fences/walls, hop them too. Lift my own weight. Pull myself up. I need that kind of strength for training.

The best way I would recommend to do this is to use your body as a weight itself. Start of by doing exercises such as push ups and bench presses. I would also recommend working other areas of your body as you get better results from a holistic approach. For example working your arm muscles would increase your ability to pull yourself up and working your leg muscles would help with the general climb and hopping.

How to gain weight to become curvier and have a bigger butt?

I'm 16 and desperate for a bigger butt and boobs. I'm naturally skinny and have a fast metabolism. I eat a lot of food but never get any weight which is annoying! I really want to be curvy with a bigger butt. How can I gain lots of weight to accomplish this when my metabolism is fast? Please help, thanks!

Eat lots of high calorie fatty foods so you get more calories without getting too full. Protine shakes are good and peanut butter. Musily full fat foods and drink full sugar drinks not diet ones :)

How to keep from gaining FAT during pregnancy?

I am a gym rat. My husband and I are planning a baby and I am concerned about gaining fat. I am thinking as long as I stay in the gym doing light walking then I can keep the fat off and just gain baby weight. I am assuming that when I have the baby, the baby weight will drop. Am I being logical?

To keep gaining ft, stay active throughout your pregnancy. Do light exercises like the treadmill, exercise bike, etc. Also, have a healthy and nutritious diet, dont try to cut too many calories, as that may be harmful for the baby...

How to get rid of stomach fat when your already skinny?

I'm 94lbs and 5ft 4. I lost a lot of weight through healthier food choices recently but still stuck with belly fat. My friends say I'm anaeroxic and I'm too embarrassed to show them my belly fat! Please help.

I'm with your friend on this one your body is at a normal weight size just do sit ups & cardio tho & you'll b fine.

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