How to change where the buttons on start menu open to?

Windows 7.

How do I make, for example, 'Music' or 'Pictures' go to a different folder? My C:// drive is a small SSD, so none of my music or pictures will be located where the default location for 'Music' and 'Pictures' is.


It's all explained here

How to remove my stock 80mm exhaust fan at the back of the CPU case?

Its fitted with four weird rubber things and no screws. I am not abl to find any way of removing it. I am planning to buy another 80mm so I want to remove this! Help?
I am not exactly able to pull them out even after applying quite a bit of force.

They just pull out. They are used to cut down on vibration & noise.

How to set up routine backup of hard drive?

I want to back up my hard drive onto an external hard drive without having to redo the whole backup manually every time. Is there a way that I can set it up to sync, so that if I update the files on my computer, the files on the external hard drive will be updated too?

I also have two computers - a desktop with XP and a laptop with Windows 7. Anyone got a similar situation with a functional set up for backing up files on both, without causing my brain to explode?


It is easy on windows 7, xp you may have to get software or do it manually...On windows 7 just go to back...

How to keep a tower cool enough in a desk drawer?

Just got a great new desk with a drawer made to house my computer tower. When I open up that drawer, I notice it's very warm in there. I worry about my computer in that warm place. Whats a good cost effective way to keep it cool.

I'm no computer desk expert, but that whole put the tower in a drawer thing sounds like a really bad idea. The problem with this is that the computer case will have a couple fans that circulate the airflow to keep the inside of the case cool because the CPU and other components create heat (power = heat). If you put the computer case inside basically another box without any air holes then you're depriving it of airflow which will trap the heat inside. Depending on how power hungry your machine is you could easily overheat and kill the PC, especially if it's branded because Dell, HP etc use cheap parts. If it's fairly new then it'll be pretty low power, so there probably hasn't been any harm done. I would NOT use this as a permanent solution though. If you were to just like drill some vents out of the drawer then that would work really well. If you were to make it so the vents lined up with the intake and exhaust of the computer case that would work even better. This is kind of how the airflow in a computer case works, though you should note that if you have a standard branded PC then you likely won't have any bottom, top or side fans: To sum things up, blocking the holes in the picture of the case is bad.

How to unlock a imac all in one computer ?

How can I take the system device lock off my iMac computer? It is the newest one out there, it has lion on it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, Ask Apple here for free 1-800-MY-Apple ,and check out the sites for more informaton and and Mac parts Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you... Good luck... CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

How to transfer an itunes library from a mac to a PC?

Hello! All of my itunes music is on a mac, well i recently built my own PC and i ma expecting the iphone 5. I do not want to format my iphone on a mac computer, and want to be able to use it on my PC. How can i transfer my itunes library from my mac to my pc?

The most effective way is: using iTunes, backup your library to a dvd, doing so saves playlists, art and the music. Than on the PC restore the library from the iTunes backup disk you created. iTunes literally has a "Backup" menu item be certain that is what you use to backup to dvd.

How to set start-up password in my computer with windows 7 ultimate and core 13 processor?

I am not talking about windows user (administrator, guest etc) password. I am talking about start-up password, i.e. first screen is blank black color and it ask for password. And after entering it, if user password is set it ask for it too

In my office we have to enter two passwords, one computer start-up password and then user password. So in short I am talking about computer start-up password and as far as user password is concerned that I know how to set.

That would be a BIOS password. The option for setting up a BIOS password is available on most computers.

How to copy Mac os x from a iMac to a macbook?

How can I copy everything from a iMac (2006) to a macbook (2006) using a ethernet cable. The macbook has a blank hard drive and I want everything from my iMac to my macbook. The iMac is running mac os x snow leopard.

Just connect ethernet cable to both Mac and simply transfer data. You can also do it with the help of migration Assistant, by connecting hard drive directly to the Mac from which you want to copy data, or by creating clone of your data.

How to do a system recovery on an emachine?

Its an emachine EL1850G-42W and I need to do a system recovery to start it from scratch which button do I need to press?

you can't

How to get all music from iPad to new computer?

My old computer's hard drive died so I got a new computer. I plugged in my iPad into it, and only a fraction of the songs on it made it to my new computer's itunes. How can I transfer it all over?

When it comes to how to get music from ipad to computer, we have to use a third program called ipad to computer transfer tool to help us. As an ipad user, i have been using the Amacsoft ipad/iphone/ipod to computer transfer, which is an easy-to-use yet powerful iOS devices manager to copy files to computer, then you can sync output files to iTunes library for sharing. For more related guide: Do hope it can work well for you.

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