How to convince my mum to let me burn candles in my room?

I'm 15 and I just love the smell of candles and I want to have my room smell like it too. I know the risks that come with candles (fire). And the candle I want to burn in there is a Yankee one with a glass jar around it. How do I get her to let me burn candles in my room?

to much of a fire hazard

How to make my cheap, ugly rental look good?

I live in a really small apartment in NYC and it's cheap and ugly looking, I'm not allowed to paint or change anything but I really want to make it look nice. Especially in my kitchen, it is just looks budget and the cabinets are terrible! How can I make this place look more like my own? And more nice and homely, Rather than just cheap and ugly.

Hi Jeannie, A small space that is kept clean,well organized and without clutter will allow your own personal belongings furnishings and art work to be more eye appealing and attractive than the plain space you are currently residing in. Besides all else why spend your money or time fixing up a rental. Budget friendly ideas: Art Work: Second hand stores offer you an opprotunity to find some real deals on nice framed art work. Collection or Grouping 3/5 Vintage Glassware or glassware in similar color and shape make great collections. (think visual appeal ) Sofa : Placing a Soft throw on your sofa with some toss pillow on the couch also appear welcoming. Greenery: Add a nice small to medium pant that requires low light ( unless you get alot of sunlight ) on a side table. By selecting and adding in a few times at a time you will get a feeling for how you want your apt to look. Less is often more and understated allows for the space to feel less small. I hope this helps best of luck! ps: my fav website noted below for ideas and inspiration so user friendly and may help you with more ideas :o)

How to find what color your house siding is so that you know what color to make your garage?

We want the sidings to match, is there a way to find out what color siding the people who built it have used and other things?
People are making the garage with pre colored siding. We aren't painting it.

Well if you can chip off a peice of the paint or able to bring in a piece of the siding then you can bring it to home depot or a store that mixes cusom paint and if u show them the sample then they will make the exact same color. It might take awhile because they have to keep adding colors and mixing it but its worth it.

How to salvage bathroom mosaic mesh tiles?

My bathroom mosaic mesh tiles are already falling out after I had installed them year, or two, ago. Is it still possible to salvage what’s left? How can I make the most out them since I don’t want to replace the tiles right away?

What I did to maintain my tiles was to apply sealants every two to three years. And I used high quality grout and sealers. Just re-install your tiles and be adamant on their maintenance. It would be best for you to apply a high grade sealant now, but be sure to wash away any excess with a wet sponge, and then always be mindful of observing and maintaining them.

How to tell the difference between real and fake wood blinds?

One way to look at it is by following the grain around different surfaces. Usually if it's a laminate or a print you can tell right away because it won't look natural.

How to hang up unframed posters without marking the wall?

Double sided tape and Blutack both marked my wall. Is there anyway to hang up a posters without marking the wall? I mean unframed posters, just a piece of paper, no frame, so those hooks that come off the wall don't apply here. Thanks for your help.

Craft stores and home stores have 3M strips to hang posters that come off clean when you want to remove them.

How to get rid of decking paint on white conservatory doors?

Hi. I painted my decking today and unfortunately, the brown decking stainer/paint has got all over the bottom rim of my conservatory doors, making them look unsightly. Is there any way, using home remedies, to remove this from the doors. Thankyou X

open the door, slip some plastic under the door to protect the deck, repaint the door

How to hang things on walls without holes or sticky stuff?

My boyfriend is in the Navy, living in the barracks. He wants to be able to personalize his room but he cant put nails or thumbtacks in the walls or "stick anything to any surface" including sticky hooks.
Any ideas?
Sorry, no. Drywall ceiling.

ask him about the ceiling. if there are lightweight tiles he could hang something from the framework

How to dry sunflowers to use for decorating?

I have tons of sunflowers that I grew and I'd like to dry them to use for decorating. Every website that I've found only gives instructions for drying and harvesting the seeds of sunflowers.

You need to dry them in silica, aka a special sand. You bury them in it. You can probably get it at a craft store. If not, it's on eBay

How to make my bedroom appear brighter and more open?

I have a very small room that only has one window in it, and it's never very bright in the room. My walls are a pastelly pink, how do I decorate my room to get it to look more bright and have more room?

Get a massive mirror!!! Put it on one of the walls. Make sure you have a single bed. Have only minimal furniture, a bed, desk and wardrobe (preferably a built in sliding wardrobe). Don't have any posters. If you really want some simply frame about 3 at most and hang them up. Have no dark colours in your room at all. Hope I help xxx

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