How to make 9 months pass by faster?

I just recently came back from the Philippines. I'm not only sad that i left my family in the Philippines but my school already started and i already have tons of assignments. I'm planning on going back to the Philippines in the Summer. At the moment im feeling really homesick. What can I do to make 9 months go by faster? I'm a shy person not antisocial.

Life is very short, believe me. So wishing nine months of it to pass by more quickly is not really sensible. Time passes way too fast for me, at 58 years old. It will do for you also, when you reach this age. I suggest you concentrate on all your assignments, and all the other studies that you are participating in. And look seriously into getting yourself a hobby, something that interests you and helps you pass the time. Maybe learn to play a musical instrument. Or take up sports like jogging, swimming, tennis or something similar. These will help you get over your shyness, because you will come into contact with other people. A healthy body creates a healthy mind. And exercising increases the ability to learn, as does being able to play a musical instrument.

How to find busy outdoor events for a professional coffee unit?

I have started to run my own mobile coffee business last year. We had some successful festivals last year but I really would like to fill up the whole year with lots of busy festivals. How do other caterers find busy festival in Somerset, Gloucestershire area? Sometimes small events are better than big ones, but local events are not advertised

Check out the local newspaper, both online and hard copies. Upcoming major and minor events are always announced. AJ

How to get on the front lines of ending marijuana prohibition?

I want to get involved and possibly have a career involving marijuana. The American people want legalization of marijuana and the government continues to ignore them. It literally sickens me. My goal in life is to become involved in either the political or research aspects of marijuana. Where should I get started? What are the steps I should take to achieve this? Any ideas are very much appreciated!

Well you can start by surfing the net for the research part of your goal. You'll learn about all the long term breathing and lung problems that are caused by smoking marijuana. A friend of mine who was a user for most of his adult life has to carry a portable breathing machine wherever he goes.

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