How to motivate employees who create more work for themselves by completing work efficiently?

An example would be a cashier at a supermarket, who checks through more customers because they scan items quickly.

Or a sales person, who has to stock and rearrange the shelves because of increased sales.

Payment usually does it!

How to Choose a Company to do Business With?

Currently, I have three choices in mind. The local company charges the highest, while the other two are online and charge far less. However, the two online ones have had numerous complaints with the Better Business Bureau, all of which have been resolved, while the local one has had no complaints. Which should I go with?

Even though they're higher, I'd go with local for several reasons. For one, you can actually walk into a branch and they have no complaints that you know of. You get what you pay for

How to have something delivered to the post office?

I want to order a gift for my mom off of Target with a gift card I have, but she always opens my mail. Could I have it delivered to the post office? If so, how would I enter in the address on the Target website?

No. USPS does not accept mail on behalf of others. Even employees are not permitted to receive personal mail at their work facility.

How to go about asking corporations if you can observe one of there employees?

I'm a serior in high school and I would like to go to a few places of business and observe some of there employees and maybe help, to see if that would be a job that I would like to do once I graduate. Do company's let people do this? If so how would I go about asking them and who would I need to talk to? Any information would help.
Thanks in advance.

NO such thing.

How to start a business from the scratch and run successful company?

I would like to deal with selling and developing medical supplies. I have some money for start (and I haven't borrowed from bank anything yet).
But except that and the idea I have nothing and I have no clue where to start and who should I talk to (I am studying medicine, not financies).
Is there any good guide online?

Use the money you have saved to pay your local Mafia, all the other medical supply companies will have then mysterious fires destroying their businesses. Borrow money from the Mafia since you are now a good paying customer of theirs, and purchase your stock that you will sell at a ridiculously inflated price because there is no competition. Repay Mafia loan very quickly, continue to pay Mafia to ensure no competitors rise from the ashes.

How to find out how much management has invested in a company?

I've been studying finance and the stock market lately. I'm wondering how I can find out if and how much management has invested in the corporation or real estate investment trust.


John, SEC registration does require some disclosure for managers or major stockholders based on percentages, but it would generally be those with millions in holdings of the company in question. -db.

How to register a business in the USA?

I am starting an online virtual assistant company and am wondering how I would register it in the USA. It is a soletrader at the moment and all work will be online.

What requirements do I need to register it
and how do i go about doing this?

There isn't a national registry of businesses. Each state has its own procedure. The procedures are pretty much the same, but the names of the departments that register corporations will vary. You'll also need to apply for a taxpayer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service ( The reference below has some links to resources for foreign nationals wishing to start a business in the US.

How to mail something international with signature confirmation?

I wanted to sell a jewelry piece on Ebay and i was wondering how can i ship something through the USPS Post Office with confirmation when it's going international? What options do i have?

You have very limited options with getting any sort of online viewable confirmation services. Not all countries accept services like a signature type of confirmation or even a recorded delivery. One of the Express mail options would be the only service that will offer you tracking and a signature that you can see online. Priority Mail International offers tracking but, not for the Flat Rate Envelope or Small Flat Rate Box and, no signature. You would really need to check the individual country listings because the rules are not the same for every country. There can also be some that you can not ship any sort of jewelry to. The International Mail Manual contains all of that information and is available at Just ignore fir3bu1k. He should be along soon to claim that the USPS websites are infested with malware. Ignore this ignoramus. His jealousy of Postal Workers and grudge against the USPS only makes his comments all the more ridiculous. If he doesn't make any stupid comments, it will be because he finally realizes that nobody puts any stock in his falsehoods and rude remarks.

How to get an internship at a management company?

I'm 15 and I always had a dream of becoming an manager of an hiphop artist, model, etc. I just moved to Atl Georgia and I will love to have an internship because I have no experience. I want to learn how to book an artist at the best places, set up shows and stuff. I do want to go to college for business . Please give me tips because I'm surfing through the Internet and can't find anything. Is there any entertainment companies?

Dear Trina, You could use different search engines, different countries ( Start a search engine and type some different phrases: Where to get a good internship,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=7c35f14407451d60&biw=1016&bih=586 Where to get a secondhand internship:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=7c35f14407451d60&biw=1016&bih=586 Ad the last web addresses you will find different links. As you can see, the engines list there own links. Hopefully I let you know enough and you will find the answer you seek!

How to find a routing number on a Navy Federal bank statement?

I need the number, is there any way to find it online or on my bank statement? I don't have any checks.

Call them. They'll tell you the number. Don't trust anything you find on line. Scammers have been known to provide fake routing numbers.

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