How to become a rainforest conservationist and what exactly would I do in that job?

I live in the U.S and am a high school student. Thanks

As a rainforest conservationist your job is to look after the forests/trees, you should make sure that no one gets to cut the trees without proper documents, there are no vandalism(alcoholics) that is to be found at the forests,improper logging,afforestation is a first on the lists,and any other concerns with regards to the protection of the local trees, if any new species of plant are being found than is also your job to advice the appropriate department.

How to start an animal preservation facility?

Sometime in the future I would like to start a wolf preservation facility. I was curious how someone would do that. What permits would be needed for something like this? I have looked into other wolf preservation facilities around the country. I know that states have certain regulations. So, what states would be good choices? This is something that wouldn't happen for at least 10 years and I know the laws change but I am trying to start planning now. If you could give me info or direct me to good sites on the topic, that would be great.

I want to do the same thing to, but for tigers. this is what i'm doing FIRST you need to make sure you have a master's in zoology once that is taken care of you need a lot of land. For the enclosures. And make sure you are far from the city. Then a big kitchen for the meat. And make sure your okay okay with the chance of possible death if your not careful. Make sure you you never forget that these are wild animals and not pets. That should start you off.

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