How to access router menu to set wireless security?

When I try to access my router menu and type in it's IP address ( I get my modem menu instead. My Ethernet cable plugs directly into my modem before reaching my router. I tried plugging the Ethernet into my router first but could not get Internet access. I also tried using a LAN cable directly from my computer to the router to no avail. Any ideas what I should do?

I'm a little confused as to how your connections are running but here's now they should normally work. Broadband modem ---- Ethernet cable ----- >> WAN port on router Router LAN port ---- Ethernet cable ---- >> Computer/laptop If this is indeed how you're equipment is connected and you're still getting the modem's setup menu instead of your router's, the issue might be that both the modem and your router have the same IP address. I actually had this happen once with a broadband provider that my parents once used. In that case, try disconnecting the router from the modem so that only your computer and the router are connected and you should be able to access the router's settings screens. While you're in there, you'll want to change the router's IP address from to

How to hook up a laptop via wireless to a printer?

Hi there!
I have a Canon I Sensys MF 4120 and a PC System that works fine together.
Also I have a laptop which has wireless.Could you tell me guys how to hook up the laptop via wireless to the Canon printer?Is it possible to do that!?
I forgot to mention:the PC connects to printer via USB cable to the printer and to the internet through UTP cable to a modem which has wireless.The laptop also connects to internet through wireless to that modem.
NO,unfortunately the printer has no wireless!

If the printer is connected to the PC. You have add the printer drivers on your laptop by going to Start>type in Add Printer>Select the second option for network printers>search the printer model>click add. Once installed, whenever you print, select the printer name and voila. The Pc that the printer is connected to needs to be on, otherwise it wont print.

How to connect Xbox and Computer to Ethernet cables?

I need to connect my Xbox to my internet, but I only have one ethernet cable. But, I have a splitter, and my Xbox and computer are 30 feet from each other. Is it possible to connect both? If so, how?

spend the 20 bucks and get a cheap router.. the wireless ones are way cheaper than the new ones\\\\ all you need is a cheap one if you already have the cabling or you can just go wireless if you cant find a wired router

How to set up a minecraft server without a linksys router and hamachi?

Me and my friend live in two seperate states and we want to play minecraft but he doesnt' want to use hamachi cuz it sucks, and I don't have a linksys router to do a port forward. Is there anyway I can make a server otherwise?

Most routers will do port forwarding, it doesn't have to be a linksys router.

How to connect my desktop to my wifi modem that is already connected to another desktop?

I have my wifi modem connected to one of my desktop computers. How can I make the other desktop computer connect to the internet without having to connect the modem?

you will need a wireless adapter for the pc to be able to connect wirelessly, usb wireless adapters are the easiest to set up as you do not have to install anything inside the pc case, just run the software to install the drivers, then plug in the usb wireless adapter and it will connect, there are also wireless adapters that fit into a pci slot inside the pc but the usb ones are the easiest

How to use a wifi signal from another router to my router?

We currently don't have Internet, but I do have my wireless Linksys router still. Neighbor/friend has NETGEAR and WiFi and doesn't mind us using it, however signal is kind of weak in some spots. Can I somehow get that connected to MY router so I can have better signal? (Connecting my router to his wifi basically) or does the router need a wired modem connection.

Here you go... There's tons of different ones on the market. They call em range extenders, signal boosters, repeaters, just pick the one that's good for you. As a backup option, if you don't have the money to dump into new stuff, you could ad hoc an old pc and put it closest to your neighbors house, that'll allow you to connect other devices to the network thru the old pc you have.

How to connect android device to ad hoc network?

I created an ad hoc network to share my internet connection. I have no problem connecting to it with my iPod, but I can't use it with android. It simply doesn't appear there. How do I connect?

For some reason some Android devices do not support connection to Ad-hoc networks. I have seen this problem with an Android 2.3 system, but I have also used an Ad-hoc network on an Android 4.0 system. If your Android system does not support Ad-hoc, you will probably have to use a wireless router provide an infrastructure network to connection.

How to increase the speed of my torrents while using a usb modem?

Recently my torrent speeds have reduced to a crawl, the max i can get from a torrent is 10-15kb/s though there were instances where my speeds went up to 100kb/s. I havent been messing with my settings the speeds just changed one day and havent improved ever since. Any idea on how i can resolve this?

the speed of you torrents can be slowed by many factors and most not related to your modem there are some things to look at 1.) your isp could be throttling you speeds for torrent traffic 2.) the torrent site your using could have slow torrents 3.) firewalls/antivirus can slow down you torrent connection but constantly scanning all the incomming traffic you can try encrypting your torrent traffic for instance utorrent has an option to encrypt your torrents theres not much you can do about the isp slowing down your torrents

How to ask another blog a question on tumblr?

Okay the question may be a little unclear but on some tumblr pages there are questions that people ask to the tumblr page owner and then theres the page owner's answer. I'm not asking how to ask a question to your followers. I want to know how to send a question to someone.

Usually there will be an "ask" link on the person's tumblr blog. If you can't find it, try adding "/ask" to the end of the blog's homepage link in the address bar.

How to install a driver for network adapter?

Recently my Toshiba Satellite's hard drive crashed. I bought a new hard drive and had it installed along with windows. Now I'm trying to connect to the Internet and it says "windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter", how do I fix this?

HOW ABOUT A DAMN LINK?? Click download at the top:

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