How to get to Canada's Wonderland by Public Transit from Ajax?

My friends and I are planning to go to wonderland in June and we live in Ajax. We do not drive, and are wondering the best way to get there from Ajax using the buses or trains. The more detailed the better. Thanks for any help anyone can give us.

Take GO bus 94 (Oshawa/Yorkdale) west from Ajax GO station or Ajax GO bus terminal (Harwood Ave) to York Mills, then take GO bus 60 to Wonderland.

How to make a bus route with pick up times?

I need to create a bus route for my company's web site. It needs to include the pick up times for each stop on the route. What would be the best program, or website to use for this project? I've tried google maps but it's not detailed enough. Please help!

You should read Google Map's API: You can make some amazing custom maps with their API. Alternatively you can design it on Flash or Javascript or a simple static image.

How to I commute from Market Market to Robinsons Galleria?

Usually I take the fort bus to Ayala, then take a bus along edsa. But I'd like to know how to get there via C5.

if you are going to commute via C5 i suggest take a cab ...

How to get to Benjamin N Cardozo high schoolfrom where I live?

This year I'm going to Benjamin N. Cardozo high school and I need to get to their orientation. I live in Flushing NY 11355 Area Kissena Boulevard. Well I just need the different bus information and that'll do.

call your local bus station and ask for the fastest easiest way to get there.

How to tie box string down to jeep?

I have 3 ropes going over and under the top, middle, and bottom of the box spring but the mattress still moves when i shake it by hand. What am i doing wrong? Should it move at all when strapped down?

You will never keep it perfectly still, that is why U-Haul rents enclosed trailers. May get better mileage without that thing in the wind as well if going a longer distance. You are most likely tying it side to side, but not making any allowance for the air that will come under it from the front. Rope is also the wrong option, many ropes stretch and you can never get the knot to stay tight. Using rachet straps, go side to side at front and back, then over the top front to back of the vehicle.

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