How to keep others motivated?

I am president of a small community service club at school and its pretty new (1st year) and I'm struggling to get people to join and get members to stay motivated. I feel like I'm the one who's doing all the work.

It is a group work and you should be able to make everyone feel i am important for this. As you have started recently- keep it doing and for good works and vision people will follow you. wish you all the best.

How to be accepted into the Big Brother Big Sister program?

I'm applying to become a Big Sister, not because of any reason other than just wanting to help out. I was wondering if there was anything that would help me be accepted? I don't have a criminal record, my driving record is clean as well. However I do have 3 facial piercings(nose, and two lip studs) would that be a problem or should I probably take them out when I go for my interview?

Take them out for the interview definitely. It's an example you can share with children. Individual expression is important but most employers will have a dress code. Show children that you don't have to lose your identity just because you compromise to reach a goal. Wanting to help out is a good reason but add an edge by talking about a mentoring relationship that you experienced with someone or ones that influenced you, OR one that you didn't have and you'd like to give back so it would be as difficult for someone else. What are your strengths? What do you have to offer a child? Is it just school related or can you help a child build confidence, learn to manage stress better, give encouragement to follow their interests? Here are some statistics and information about mentoring a child. Learning how to cope with stress and anger better positively impacts anyone's life For girls For boys One person can make a difference. Best to you!

How to small charities give their money to help a cause?

How exactly do smaller charities give the money that they raised to the cause without giving the money to a larger charity?

idk abt the breakdown -------> but I know abt the end result (bc [when I was much younger] I worked @ McDonalds) when U donate a dollar, the actual charity only gets $0.40 * make ur own assumption

How to get involved/ volunteer with native american tribes?

I am a member of the Chickasaw tribe and I am trying to look for ways to get more involved with my tribe. I want to do volunteer work, but I'm not sure where to find it. How would I get involved with my tribe?

Perhaps you could CONTACT your tribe, and ask? I don't know about yours, but mine sends out a newsletter twice monthly, to everyone....which includes calendars for programming, social events, legal issues, paying jobs and volunteer positions. If you do not have something like that, march on down to the Band office and ask.

How to get a hold of charity boxes for pub bar?

I have seen an RNLI charity box in a pub that when you drop the coin into the rectangular box, the boat inside rocks back and forth. I would like the same charity box in my bar. But how do i get a hold of one?

Is this a trick question??? Ask... the CHARITY??? These boxes sound really interesting! If someone made something like that, wouldn't they have left their trademark on it? Cherchez la trademark!

How to donate clothes to a group home?

Okay so my husband and I are 20-21 and have some really nice clothes that we don't want anymore and I would like to donate them to a group home or somewhere, where children are placed due to unfit parents or poor living arrangements.

I know I can just donate them to Goodwill and things like that but with budget cuts these kids already have so little, I think it would really be nice for them to have some nicer things.

What names do these places go by? Just group homes? Or what are some other places that could use these directly for teens?

Thank you.

Talk to social services in your area, they can give you some direction on that. Or mental health agency. Most counties have a "workshop" set up for the disabled and they could also help you donate. Could also check out local group counselling for battered children. God bless you for your generosity!

How to start an orphanage/foster care institution?

Okay, I am planning to start an institution. An orphanage/foster care home. I have lots of questions, please help! How should the building structure be? What legal actions would I have to take? Would I have to pay child support for each child and if so, how much is that? Where should I start? How should I start? I'd appreciate all of these questions answered to the best of your knowledge, thank you!

Please stop right now and wait. You need to do excessive work 1st to even know if this is what you want. The responsibility is enormous and can end up as a 24/7/365 duty and that may be very difficult for a time until the situation grew so you could have others help you. 1st- get training as a Caregiver or Certified Nursing Assistant. Now you have some medical training. Next see if you can volunteer at an agency working w/ kids--they do Background checks and Criminal checks. Find out what working w/ kids is like and if the reality of it is anywhere near the fantasy of it. As far as Foster care--they will put you thru a lot of questions and those that will be in contact w/ the kids as well and the caregivers. Contact your State and find out about Licensing and what is required to even start the process of this project as well as a Business License. You will also need to have training and a license as well as knowledge of all the Regulations--State, Federal, Dept Health and Human Services... . you will ln need a Business Plan for any Bank Loan for the Business as well as a location for them to live. The business info wil help w/ hiring staff and payroll, taxes...Will need a Business name, ability to file taxes--all kinds If you did get so far to have the home set up, if you were to take them in, you would be paid for the care of the child and all needs would come from that $$. Consideration would have to be as to the fees or you accept what they pay for them and can you make that work financially. Best advice is to start a search of ppl you can talk to to find out how they did it and what is involved in your State legally. Volunteer at a facility that is doing what you want to do and learn. Take classes so you are a prepared business person as well as knowledgeable on childcare and legalities. This is a good thought, just take the time to make it happen in the best way possible and you are protected-financially and legally while attempting to do good works. Best success. EJ . .

How to keep track of community service hours?

My high school doesn't provide a sheet and I do a lot of community service and need to start keeping track so how can I do so? I hear that you can use microsoft word and excel but im not quite sure how. Thanks for all your help!

Hi. Yes, Excel, in my opinion, would be easier for you to use because the cells are basically already there for you to type into. If you use Word you more then likely want to place your data in tables, which can be tricky to learn to use at first. Excel is set up in columns (A, B, C, D, etc.) and rows 1,2,3,etc. Type a heading or title in each cell in your columns, such as Date, Service, Start Time, End Time or whatever you like. Then just type your info into the rows under each heading. Hope that helps. If you need more help with this please feel free to email me.

How to sign up for volunteer work?

I'm 16 years old & I really would like to get into some volunteer work. Do you have to be a certain age & where can you sign up? For example soup kitchens or just volunteering at nursing homes or even shelters, dog shelters, or anything involving kids & helping out. I think it would be a great experience & I've always thought about doing these types of things but I'm just not sure how I can get involved. If you guys have any suggestions then feel free to add those too!

Thank you! :)

Some places do have age restrictions. When I was 16 I wanted to volunteer at the dog shelter too, but they required a person to be 18. It really depends on what you are doing. The easiest way to find volunteer opportunities is to look around the clubs at your school. Key Club for example is the high school division of the Kiwanis. It stands for Kiwanis Educating Youth, and their initiative is educate the youth of the importance of helping out in the community. My high school also had L.O.V.E, Lions Offering Volunteer Excellence. Your school might have something similar to this. If neither of these exist in your school, you might look into starting your own club with a teacher.

How to get a certificate of indigency in the Philippines?

What does it look like?

What are the requirement in order to get that certificate?

This will give you an idea: The best solution, though, would be to go to your Barangay Hall and request assistance since it may vary from one province to another.

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