How to have an animation studio make an animation out of your ideas?

I dream of imaginative and crazy stories, adventures everynight lol.
And yesterday night I dreamt of me meeting up with professor Utonium. We then turn my ideas into an animation... random sh*t I know, but yeah.

You present it to them, but you really need an agent to stump for you. All studios are reluctant to speak to random people off the street, as they are concerned about accusations of plagiarism. At least via an agent, there is a degree of professionalism and if it gets rejected, every one is protected.

How to act like a spy and not alerting anyone?

I wanna be an assassin, but I keep alerting everyone please help me, if I accomplish this I can finally poop on my brother without alerting him! Jokes.

Become a ninja

How to review 2 anime show or series to know which is better?

Like what are the important things to know if you are trying to compare 2 anime shows. (Any TV show) And how to become a better person in reviewing anime shows. Im a anime person but when it come to knowing the important keys in comparing 2 shows I really don't know the important things like most people do in the internet. I need help.

well first off write a script before you even start recording. a script for the whole review. that way you don't have to focus on what to say, but instead you can focus on delivering and enthusiastic review. you're doing good by talking about major points like character, plot, music, and reception torwards it. talk about its strengths and weaknesses and your general feelings towards it. also, take up the time to look up interesting information about it, how the production went, the studio the animated it, how it compares with its manga counter part...just anything interesting you can find about the anime/series the most important thing is you're gonna want to do these reviews consistently. you can choose how you put the review together and the order of what you talk about but you want to do it the same way every single time thats important. use clips and music from the anime of course and try to be creative and have fun with the review.................

How to keep up with new comic issues/software?

I need to learn how to keep with new issues of comics released. Also, a digital software that would manage my digital comic collection would be nice

You can create a pull list or something for each week of the month, write down for each week what you will pick up and check on a torrent site once or twice a week. That's what I do. I also go to my local comic book shop every Thursday or Friday if I have the time. As for Digital Software, you could use a program like Coview on the computer. If you have an Apple product you can check iTunes, same with smart phones, just check their equivalent of iTunes for software.

How to get legitimate costumes for comic con and other conventions?

I know the best way to get a costume for a convention is to make it yourself, but I have absolutely no skill or artistic abilities. I am wondering if there is a website or something to buy costumes/apparel that can be worn to conventions and stuff. I dont care about cost or anything.

go to and i understand i have no artistic abilities either if you go there they have so many selection i highly recommend that website .

How to draw a manga illustration that occupies two sheets of paper?

Is there a bigger than A4-sized paper for sale? I'm going to buy some DELETER A4 paper with grid, but they don't sell paper that artists use to draw illustratios that occupy two pages. I'm also aware that manga published as A4 / B4 usually is resized to A5 / B5.

You may want to buy the A3 pages, they're two times bigger than an A4 ^^ Mangakas tend to draw in very big pages (I assume A3), because of all the details - but they're reduced when published in artbooks, magazines and tankoubons.

How to convince my mom to let me buy a cosplay?

So in a few months I'll be going to an anime convention, and I really want to cosplay. My mom said money isn't an issue (I'll be buying it) but she insists that I should wait until the last second to buy the costume. I really think it would be better to get it in advance. How can I convince her to let me buy the cosplay sooner?

In my opinion, your idea is the better. You should never wait until the very last minute to do anything. (Unless you're bidding on ebay or something...) Anyway, I would tell your mom that you just want to be prepared and not have to spend the entire night before the convention trying to perfect something that could have been done a long time ago. (If you're ordering an entire cosplay and putting one together yourself): It takes a while for shipping (unless you pay an arm and a leg for shipping), so you want time for that as well as any unforeseen mishaps. Example: a piece of the cosplay is missing/damaged. (If you're making your own): Get all the main garments early and piece together your outfit. Get all your accessories together as well. (Wig, jewelry, shoes, etc.) When that's done, and when it gets closer to convention time, if you happen to find something random that would look amazing with your cosplay, get it as a finishing touch. I really hope I helped a little bit! I'm 15 (and a girl, which is beside the point) and my mom was doing the same thing, saying I would lose my stuff and all that. But this is what I did and it totally worked! xD Have fun! I know I did!

How to act like Mello from DEATHNOTE/take in his habits how to develop character?

I have a cosplay group and a friend wants to know how to act like Mello please help.

Answer: Check the "Character" section

How to show my parents anime without buying it?

I want to introduce my parents to anime, but I don't want to go out and buy the thing if there going to fight me on it. I also don't want to show it to them on the computer cuz they don't want to sit in an unconfortable chair for 30 minutes. Thanks!

maybe download them and burning them to DVD, and you could show the anime to your parents in TV (I assume of course you have DVD player)

How to get a job at pixar as an artist and a storyteller?

I ask because i would really like to make movie and have it be animated by pixar because I consider them the awesome. So can someone tell what steps I need to take to make this dream come true?

Pixar would not animated a movie for you that you made. You have to give them a demo reel of your best work and you have to know the specific job your trying to apply for to their company. Look at the job facts on Pixar to give yourself better information because asking yahoo is not going to give you a definite answer.

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