How to stick to one level while climbing?

We have colors with levels on the walls at the gym I go to but I have trouble sticking with just one color. I always end up going rainbow. I've gone all white before but that's lower than my skill level, I want to try just yellow but I keep stepping on other colors. Help?

Matt has you started, but it isn't just where you put your feet, but how you hold your body weight on the wall. Feet and balance for the win. How do you maintain your balance? Proper body positioning. Keep your hips into the wall and relax your arms so they are straight. Ask an experienced climber what this looks like. At first it is going to feel weird in this position, but try the alternative (tick out your rear end, and bend your arms) and you will see how the incorrect positioning forces a lot of weight onto your arms. By keeping your hips in, you keep more of your weight on your feet. By keeping your arms straight, you keep from burning up those muscles and becoming fatigued. Do not Pull yourself up the wall, push. Think about it as a really weird ladder. No chin-ups/pull-ups. Your legs are stronger and designed to hold your body weight, just because your feet are on small foot holds shouldnt take away from the strength in your legs. Use them. Since you are new, foot work and balance will be what you want to work on the most. Concentrate on the body positioning described above and you will do better. If you continue to push yourself in this way, you wont have to think about this body positioning anymore, it becomes muscle memory. -Good luck

How to recreationally climb an antenna tower?

Originally my friends and I were planning on climbing a tower this summer. Our original concern was climbing gear but we now have more than enough saftey to climb it without falling. My concern now is how much will the transmissions from the tower affect us. Surely the waves cant be that strong cause its placed on a private college campus and the waves would still affect the people in the vicinity. How much will they affect us?

First off it is illegal to climb these towers for "recreation". You will be arrested and likely charged with trespassing, and possible other charges such as criminal mischief, damage of private property and the like. Second, your assumptions of what is being transmitted from the tower and how it will impact you while on the tower is quite uneducated. Contact the electrical engineering dept or physics dept and ask about wireless transmissions and wave behavior. Depending upon the transmissions and the frequencies being used, will have an impact on your personal safety from these transmissions while on the tower. There may be directional high power transmissions that don't impact folks on the ground due to how it works. However if you enter the stream, you will be bombarded with frequencies similar to what cooks your microwave burrito when you head home from the bars after a long night of binge drinking. And since the signal will be have to travel a significant distance, the power output will be very high. At the very least, you wont have to worry about having kids... Third, why climb the tower? Sounds like teenage (or early 20s) angst. Since you have all this safety gear (god only knows what that means), why not see if any of it is good for real rock climbing. You might actually discover something about yourself and do something that provides a true sense of accomplishment and not just being foolish climbing a ladder inside a metal structure. -Good Luck

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