How to get foam out of clothes?

Ok so I went to this place for a school field trip that had a foam pit and after jumping in there I noticed a bunch of small pieces of foam all over my socks and I need to get them out. What can I do?

Shake outside, use a sticky roller, pick with your fingers and launder only after you get it all off. Foam is not biodegradable and will clog your washing machine.

How to clean up blood from carpet?

Hi, my brother cut himself and there's blood everywhere. He's in the hospital, he's suicdal. Well, he but himself with one of the knifes from the kitchen and he almost cut to the bone. I'm not sure if i should of said that but that's what happened. Theses blood everywhere, on my mirror and my carpet! How can I clean the carpet using something that's easy?

The salty water technique really works well on fresh stains. I would try the peroxide out first on a hidden piece of carpetting - it can also bleach! Arm yourself with plenty of kitchen paper and blot the stains rather than rub because you don't want to force the blood into the fibres of the carpet. Good luck, and I hope your brother gets better too.

How to clean a messy bedroom?

I have a seriously messy bedroom. My bed is unneat and covered with stufff. My floor is covered with old toys, bags and stuffed toys. And don't even get me started about under my bed. How can I clean it without getting tired or hot easily?

How to Clean Your Room in 15-20 Minutes: Good luck.

How to completely dust a room?

My nose is always getting stuffy and i figured i should try cleaning my room to get all of tge dust out. Will taking everything out, wiping down walls/shelves/windows and opening windows all day clean it?

My suggestion is to have your carpets cleaned. That's where the majority of dust in your house comes from, because it settles. When dusting, always start at the top and work your way down. Move things, wash your clothes, bedding, etc, wipe down walls, light fixtures, doors and door frames (especially the tops where dust can settle) and vacuum really good if you're not going to clean your carpets. Regular vacuuming will cut down on dust, and empty your vacuum outside in the trash after every use. If you're going to open your windows, first take off the screens and hose them off while wiping them. Also, if there's a lot of dirt (like a field or alley) outside of your home, try spraying the area with water before you open your windows. Or you could just take a sudafed, LOL!

How to clean lipgloss off plasma tv?

My toddler smeared lipgloss on the tv. I tried glass cleaner and it's not working. Any other tips?

try Goof Off, you can get in at any Home Improvment type store. you only a little and it works wonders. It smell is really strong though!

How to clean a house thoroughly and quickly?

My family and I are going on holidays soon and mums asked me to clean the house thoroughly while she is at work! How can I do this quickly?
Please any tips would be appreciated!

To clean you house quickly and effectively you need to have the right equipment and at least a little experience.You will need different cleaning products for bathroom and toilet,kitchen,wooden furniture,floors.... for carpet cleaning the only effective way is deep steam cleaning. OK,lets say you don't have that.The best you can do is: 1.Start with dust cleaning - take a cloth, wet it slightly and wipe the dust all around your house. 2.Make a good vacuum clean 3.Take wet mop and clean all floors apart from carpets (like i said the only effective way for carpet cleaning is steam cleaning,but if you don't have that kind of machine,you can clean your carpets with vacuum cleaner) 4.Now take a dry mop and wipe the floors,otherwise you have to wait 30-60 minutes for the floors to dry out. 5.Finally, clean bathroom and toilet (use any tile cleaning product). I hope that helps, Regards, Krasi

How to keep fake blood from washing out?

A friend and I are making t-shirts with blood splatter and such using fake blood, we don't want the blood to come out of the clothes if they get washed. Would running them a dryer ensure they set in the clothing? Any tips or suggestions?

Find a permanent red dye to use for your 'blood', then it won't wash out.

How to remove makeup stains from a light blue dress up shirt ?

Okay so I got this dress shirt from Abercrombie which was fifty dollars then I decide to wear it . Then you know what happens ? My foundation gets on my shirt . I was too pissed . How do I get the make up stain off?

Make up is grease. Use any stain remover, or even a dish soap.

How to i get the grimy soapy feel out of my daughter's pillow pet lady bug?

My daughter sneakly snuck her pet pillow ladybug in the washing machine. Then after it was washed she put it in the dryer and put ALOT of dryer softener sheets in there. The ladybug is very soapy feeling. How can i get the grimy feeling off?


Rewash with NO soap and a Cup of vinegar in the rinse.

How to I clean hair a fuzzies out of a shower?

There are fuzzies on the floor of my shower from walking on carpet. They won't go down the drain, and I don't want to touch them. They tend to go in the corners and under the water stopper near the outside of the shower. Any suggestions for cleaning it up?

This is a disgusting task but it has to be done I wear gloves for this i wipe with paper towel around the shower base I then pour soda around the stopper and flush down with hot water Scrubbing with an old toothbrush as i do this

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