How to go about sending a letter to a congressman?

I go to college in NY but I'm from NJ, I want to send a letter to the appropriate Congressman but I'm not sure if that means a NY rep or a NJ rep.

Where do you vote? If you vote in NY, then that's the one you should contact.

How to break in a catchers mitt?

I have a Rawlings pro preferred heart of the hide gold glove, and i was wondering if there is any way to break the glove in to close easier and fit my hand without breaking the leather or making the glove too heavy or floppy. I know the most basic way is to play catch, but any other suggestions?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Wearing it and doing day to day things with it on will mold it into your hand and make it ready for play. Enjoy it is a great Mitt.

How to write a speech that will get the most votes?

I am running for a Public Relations director at my youth group. The public relations director is in charge of making events public etc. This is my first year at my youth group, and I need help to write a speech to get the most votes. PLEASE HELP ME.

Introduction Who you are What your experience (past jobs, work experience, volunteering) Why are you doing this Middle What you plan to do How you plan to do it When are you going to do it Conclusion What this position means to you once you get elected

How to run for governor of new jersey?

I'm still in highschool, I know and will eventually meet all the qualifications, I was planning on heading for my degree in government and politics but a lot of people said it was a waist of time and if I should run I should just get support do research and save my money for a campaign. So what I'm basically asking is how I would officially begin to run? Where do I register as a member of a party? Do I have to be a republican or democrat?

Call the New Jersey board of elections at the state capital and they have the exact answer.

How to reply a letter from your Member of Parliament congratulating you on a scholarship you have received?

I have received a scholarship which is of average merit, (not that great honestly) and it was awarded by the national qualifications authority, not by the MP. The MP has sent a letter of congratulations, even though he is not the person awarding the scholarship, as (I presume) a token of good will, therefore I feel it is necessary to give a reply that reciprocates that good will. How would one draft such a letter?

It is not necessary to reply. MPs receive the names of scholarship winners from the authorities so that they may send congratulations. It is merely a good-will gesture. It often is sent automatically, without any human intervention. The only time one replies to this sort of letter is when you are personally acquainted with the MP, in which case his/her letter was heartfelt and deserves an answer.

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