How to make Christmas more exciting and fun for my parents?

My parents have lost their Christmas spirit over the last few years. Since I'm older now (19) and I'm an only child, it doesn't seem as fun for them. Their loss of xmas spirit is rubbing off of me and I'm not ready to give up. How can I put the fun back into Christmas for my parents? Buying presents and decking the halls doesn't seem to be doing it. And all of our family lives in another state so we can't spend time with them. Ideas?

If it helps they're in their late 40's.

Oi' Oi' a Cluedo set is the best game ever, and after all the family can join in Enjoy*

How to wait a week till christmas?

As you all know christmas is her in 7 more days which is a whole week. How do I wait. And we are planning on going to church on sunday so can some one make me a schedule as well.
What I mean by schedule is on christmas morning like what time to wake everyone up and what time to open presents and what time to go to church and when to eat dinner.

You could watch movies, play games, make cards, shop, hang out with friends, decorate your house, help others, etc.

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