How to convince my parents to let me go on the school trip?


My high school is doing a trip to China in 2 years and I need help convincing my parents to let me go. I have already gone to Costa Rica so my parents know they can trust me in a foreign setting alone/with friends. I have a job and can pay for the extra costs. PLEASE HELP!

When you want something you don't think you will get, you always make it a positive for the person you are asking. Such as, I would love to go on the trip, (add good points here--- know u can trust me, will not need your money, blaa blaa blaaa) then u make it a positive for them--- while I'm gone you can go on the trip you've wanted to go on, or just spend some alone time together, or just relax without me and my friends running around. Just add whatever you think your parents would want to do while you are gone.

How to write address for mail going to China?


I have to return something to China but I am clueless as to how you address it. I was told to write it out to:

Lingnan Xinshiji Building B-23,
Jiahe Wang Gang, Baiyun District
Cuangzhou China

is that correct?

Honestly, it doesn't matter TOO much.. I have received letters from the US to China written just as they would be in the US... although it might have caused some delay in receiving them.. it did take a month but I'm not sure if that was it... if you're able to add characters instead it might be better BUT do not worry if you can't because they will most likely translate it or whatever... if it's in English. Anyway if I remember correctly you would really want to put it somewhat in this way.. 510800 China (or P.R. China..whatever) Guangdong, Guangzhou Baiyun District, Jiahe Wang Gang Lingnan Xinshiji Building B-23 Of course, I don't remember if I completely correctly so if someone can offer a better answer by all means use that! As I was looking up the correct characters.. I found what seems to be an address for Lingnan Xinshiji ,, so I thought I would include that as well... 广州市白云区白云大道北1689号 is this correct? 510800 中国,广东省, 广州市 白云区, 嘉禾望岗, 白云大道北1689号 岭南新世界 B-23号 I want to say it should be something like that... I hope someone can either confirm or correct it though!

How important is it to learn how to write Chinese?


I already know a fair amount of Spanish and a little Japanese, so learning Chinese shouldn't be too hard. It's just that I don't think I'd remember how to write the symbols. I would still learn how to speak it and read the symbols, but I wouldn't take the time to learn how to write them. It seems like there are so many. Would that be enough to get by? I would like to use Chinese to talk to people and possibly for business purposes in the future.

It would be easy for you to remember the Chinese symbols since you already knew Japanese. Japanese kanji originates from Chinese characters. In Mandarin, it is called hanzi. English is still the dominant language in terms of commerce, but it's good to learn Mandarin Chinese if you wish to do business with the Chinese in China even though it is not compulsory as most Chinese understand English.

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